HM70 Chipset 30 Minute Restriction Please Help

I have a HP Compaq CQ45-802TU Notebook PC with the HM70 chipset that want to use my i7 3632qm 35w in.

Nearly losing my mind with this lol runs awesome for 30 mins then shuts down I know about the intel 30 minute restrictions but is it possible to get past/remove this 30 minute restriction with me_cleaner?

I don’t really know how to use me_cleaner but I have got as far as using “Intel Easy Clean Me” which I got from on a bios back up I made with the OEM “HP System Bios UpdateUtility” via the "Copy Bios image to any file location. (Advanced users) option which I copied to the OEM bios folder I downloaded from HP website but noticed their bios image was named 01854.fd and the one I made was named 01854.bin so I renamed the one I made to .fd but the OEM utility blocked the bios update option once I did.

I tried doing it from usb with the bios image I made in the UEFI diagnostic firmware management but says the bios image specified doesn’t pass validation.

Is there anyway arround this horrid stupid timer other then a sleep timer script which I also need help with lol?

windows 8.1 64bit

Not possible, HM70 can only work with Pentium or Celeron CPUs.