How to allow to allow enter `PCI Subsystem Settings` menu after set its `Access/user` from `Default` to `User` when mod a gigabyte NUC bios?


I am trying to modify a gigabyte NUC bios to support “Above 4G Decoding” and try to add more possible modules later.

I am using tool AMIBCP v5.02.0031

The problem is:

I can find the “Above 4G Decoding” in module PCI Subsystem Settings, and I can find PCI Subsystem Settings menu entrance in Setup\Advanced\

however, after I set Access/user from Default to User, save file and after flash bios into box, I can enter bios and find the PCI Subsystem Settings menu in bios setup screen (which was not able to before mod), but I cannot enter that menu which I think supposedly able to setup Above 4G Decoding .

I suspect it is because of the PCI Subsystem Settings menu text entrance in Setup\Advanced\ with handle (1035), but real PCI Subsystem Settings folder handle is (124F), because I saw other menu in Setup\Advanced\ for example CPU Configuration, then have same handle in both menu text and folder

If so, how to change that handle (1035) point to (124F)?

If it is not the reason, can anyone guide me how to allow me to achieve my goal to make that PCI Subsystem Settings show and able to config?


Original BIOS can be found here:

And raw programmer dump before mod is here:

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