How to bypass checksum verification?

Asus m5a78l has two revisions. M5A78L and M5A78L LE
The second version is no different from the technical specifications, but the bios in LE is much more recent and has many fixes than the first version.

I tried to flash the LE version through EZ Flash 2, but of course he gave an oshiyuku that the checksum was not passed.

In this case, is it possible to flash through AFUDOS to bypass the checksum check?

I tried to flash through AFUDOS229ES, it gives an error file romid is not compatible with existing bios romid

Which flags to use or a modified version of AFUDOS to bypass the compatibility check?
I have used the following flags
AFUDOS /im5a78le.ROM

I need to force a bios flash on a MSI board with the flashback option. Probably no hope I suppose.

you could try using flashrom

EZ Flash 2, AFUDOS check the checksum and fail.
Now, if the checksum were forged, or a modified afudos was used with the verification of the control signature disabled, then the result would be