How to change AMI Bios Skin? (not Logo/Splash Image) - Or how to enable old Text Style AMI Bios (AMI Aptio TSE) instead of fancy mouse style menu

I want to change some super ugly Ami Bios Skin Backgrounds and Icons (Motherboard Manufacturer: Colorful) to my own.
I’m not talking about to change the Logo/Splash Image, which is easy to replace. I’m talking about the menu background, icons etc.
Is there a Skin editor available? I have dumped all kind of menu images, icons etc from the AMI Aptio 5 Bios.
Looks like hard work to change each picture. I don’t know with what kind of editor or tool they have created that menu background and icon pictures.

Is there also a way to “disable” the graphic style menu and go back to the “old” Text Style AMI Bios? (AMI Aptio TSE)

Thanks for help.