how to? need help!!! bios from 128Mbit (16MB) to 64Mbit (8MB)

I have motherboard msi B75a-G41 ver. 3.1 with fried 128Mbit chip,
the motherboard has a bios that consists of 8MB (megabytes) and chip is for 16MB, I found in some post, because I don’t have bios backup, backup from same motherboard in this forum thread…-password-reset and which I will use. The problem is that I do not have the original 16MB but I have an 8MB chip and a home-made msi jspi with CH341A programmer that works well on other msi boards 100%.
Will this dump work with an 8MB chip on this (or any) board?

@Bata - I would not use that dump, unless you mean they removed password and gave them back a fixed file (I didn’t check thread)
This board uses a 16MB BIOS, which contains a 5MB padded out to 10MB Intel ME region + 6MB Main BIOS region. You cannot change this to 1.5MB ME Region to use with the 6MB BIOS region, so I am not 100% what you are considering doing, not very clear what you mean.

So my answer is no, this is not possible, you need 16MB chip for this board’s BIOS.

And yes, you can use that 8MB BIOS on some other board that uses 8MB BIOS, but not this MSI B75A-G41, it requires 16MB BIOS Chip

If possible, I need help how to check (16MB) bios dump for errors and if possible clear settings (return to it’s defaults).