HP BIOS downgrade with CH341A

Hey guys!

First time posting here, I have an HP 15-AC143WM InsydeH2O Bios, unfortunately, RSA signed, I upgraded the Bios to the latest F.29 and I didn’t realize that they locked the advanced function ( hitting the letter A when entering BIOS with F10 key), so I was trying to downgrade and after a lots of research I realized that that function is also locked, so I went I got a CH341A programmer with a clip and read the BIOS chip, see link below, but I’m not sure that I can just flash the older Bios straight from HP or I need to modify that.

Please advise.

Here is the link to the BIOS I want downgrade to:

https://mega.nz/#!cN80VS6a!JaRKU8KbpI8ek…uMg-gupPoieNX3M Board ID 80C1

Here is my BIOS dump with the CH341A programmer:


Thank you.