HP EliteBook 840 G2 NVMe Patch

I got a new laptop and NVMe SSD last year, but it is recognized but won’t boot from it. I am uploaded a stock BIOS ROM file, so please modify the file so that it can recognize and boot the NVMe 2TB.
Get Stock BIOS : M71_0131.bin - Google Drive

This is a rather old machine and I doubt that it has a NVMe M2 interface, all I can find is SATA.

How is this disk recognized and what type is it (picture of device manager!)?

HP probably won’t allow you to simply update a modified bios region, so you need anyway to dump your firmware if this really is a NVMe M2 slot.

It is recognized, but cannot be set as a boot drive at BIOS.

OK, looks like a recognized NVMe disk.

… with a programmer. The bios update you provided isn’t a complete firmware and it has an unusual structure for a bios region, too.

This guide is for AMI bioses, but sometimes it can be done with UEFITool for other Vendors, too.

In case you dont want to do it yourself, put in into Bios modding requests. Anyway you need a complete dump first! (For the dump you could try Intel Flash Programming Tool first, maybe the machine has a service jumper that’d allow for repogramming, too.)