HP ProDesk 600 G5 MT

Might be FD0 as well.

Otherwise work on the dump of your specific machine and flash it back using a hardware programmer (CH341).

I have scoured the MB for FDO but seems like newer HP ones don’t have it, they do have ME Debug though. But every time I short 2 of the 3 pins I get blinking red light on boot and an “no memory detected” error in the log

Pic not from your machine?

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Hahahahahahahahaha, thank you - clearly I need some sleep. Will try

Still doesn’t work, shorting those two does nothing…I still get error 167 in FPT

Well if the FDO doesn’t work as intended, give a bit of reading here and you may considerer a CH341 spi programmer as last chance of getting a mod file on that board IC.

It’s a HP ProDesk, I can’t be the only one with one of these who has tried this… There must be something else to it that wouldn’t make it necessary to go for a programmer…

How… regular OEM tools wont bypass, FD write access is locked, FDO cant unlock ME acess…
You may get a surprise then… it’s been really tricky to bypass HP fw security past 2016 bios updates to HP systems…
Anyway good luck with it.

Isn’t error 167 about protected range registers? Are you trying to overwrite the bios region, too?

I did a dump of the bios using fpt, enabled amt and replaced me sub region module, built the imagine and tried to flash it back.
Whole image, not just ME region (doesn’t seem to work with v12 anyway)

That won’t work. Jumpers are made for ME servicing if any.

Ok, I’m officially a bit lost now. When I extract the ME region using FPT it does not open in FIT, error Error 236: Failed to load input file. Invalid input file type. Error 42: Failed to open with processed commands.
Opening the full image exported from FPT works just fine in FIT

ME extract and full dump: WIN64

I just want to enable full AMT…

Both images reports it… “FWUpdate Support │ Impossible”

"…Input the chosen CSME firmware into GitHub - platomav/MEAnalyzer: Intel Engine & Graphics Firmware Analysis Tool ME Analyzer tool and make sure that “FWUpdate Support” is not reported as “Impossible”

from [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization - Special Topics / Intel Management Engine - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

Yes and I can create a full image with FWUpdate Support yes but that doesn’t seem to be what I need? https://www.mediafire.com/file/tggs6o8bhct7n2p/WIN64.zip/file

You don’t need update support since you wnat to change the data partitions in the ME which won’t be changed by a code update.

Open your outimage.bin in UEFIToolNE and ‘extract as is’ the ME region- name it MEreg.bin

Try to flash the ME region only with fpt with FDO jumper installed:

fptw64 -ME -f MEreg.bin

If that works force a ME reset with fpt -greset (the machine will instantly restart)

Be careful, fpt writes everything without any further checks except for size!

Just figured out how to get the ME region out, will try FDO next…

FDO solder points still do nothing, nothing is unlocked when they are shorted during power on…so I’m still stuck

Probably… that pair labeled FDO wasn’t meant to final users, as other HP motherboards as we know and was just as test design by the board maker.
If you want to dig more on the subject, you need to find this mb schematic/boardview and check if there’s any other options on HW level.

Well, basically it’s

This is his answer when i linked that guide…
He’ll take it or not…his call, as free user and his asset.