HP Z620 boot from nvme issue

I have been trying to build myself up a Z620 workstation for a while now, and I think I finally have all of the parts that I need and this is giving me gout. It’s my understanding that that as long as you have the newest firmware, one is supposed to be able to boot from a NVME drive in a Z620 workstation.

There are lots of different posts across the internet and they don’t all seem to agree with one another and a lot have old, outdated information.

I have the official Z-Turbo adapter cards; I’ve tried a HP branded Samsung SM951, as well as a couple of other drives I had laying around; and I’ve tried toggling all of the bios options around that I can think of to try, storage controller mode, AMT on/off, etc… I’ve also tried a couple of other pci-e adapter cards as well as a intel p3600. I can install windows from a usb drive, like I would expect to, but after it reboots, I get the no bootable media error if I remove the usb stick. The NVME drive also does not show up in boot selection if I select the boot menu. I have the newer boot block date motherboard, as I am abler to use the V2 processors. I have the newest bios installed, but I have not updated the Intel ME because I’m not sure that would have anything to do with it.

Any ideas anyone?

Mods apart… as you say latest bios doesn’t need it and already have NVMe support.
(UEFI x64 OS)

Step 4

[HowTo] Get full NVMe Support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS - Special Topics / NVMe Support for old Systems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

HP Z Turbo G1
Solved: Is HP Z Turbo Drive G2 compatible with the Z620 workstation? - HP Support Community - 5616398

Are there any currently manufactured ahci drives that would work?

Your making a question, that only a user with the same machine and identical situation can give you that answer, i dont have or had a Z620, as we know…every system have its own peculiar settings/requirements/compatibility…and this is a server class system.
For a M.2 AHCI disk no NVMe DXE is needed or controller used, as you probably know.
Cant help more on this, good luck.

To be able to boot off an AHCI supporting M.2 SSD like the Samsung SM951 the mainboard BIOS must contain a specific DXE Driver module named “SAMSUNG_M2_DXE”.

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I guess what I was asking is are there still any newly manufactured drives that are ahci, or is everything on the secondary market?

Not much ww as NVMe is a standart now… here a few new in Europe, you’ll have to “dig” a bit more…