i need a clean bios for dell xps 8920

hello i try make a clean bios but i cxant to it , please help me about it , iadded orginal bios

dell.rar (4.66 MB)

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I have moved your post into the “BIOS Modding” Sub-Forum, because I suspect, that you want a customized complete BIOS file and not a customized specific BIOS module.
What do you mean with a “clean BIOS”? This usually an untouched one, but you have already attached such BIOS.
What do you want to do with the BIOS and why can’t you do it yourself?
Dieter (alias Fernando)

i replace motherboard chipset and now is motherboard working but very late time coming video , i was make some clean bios before but this model i can’t make it but how i do it really i don’t know