I want to get to advanced menu

I want to get to advanced menu
here are my specs -
Bios version - 1.01
System Manufacturer: Acer
System Model: nitro an515-54
Processor: i7-9750H
Memory: 16384MB RAM
Card name: UHD630 + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB
Do you need something else?

Hi friend, use this tool , run it as Admin and upload the result file here :


Please make some Bios Menu Tabs screenshots to see your bios menu , pack them and upload here too …

ADV Mod Bios v.1.31 :

FE3542FE-C1D3-4EF8-657C-8048606FF670_911 IFR.txt

Form Sets
Offset: Title:
0xA8354 Debug (0x1665 from string package 0x0)
0xA94E4 Advanced (0x1687 from string package 0x0)
0xCC824 Power (0x170F from string package 0x0)
0xDC464 Security (0x31 from string package 0x4)
0xDDDA4 Information (0x101 from string package 0x4)
0xDEFC4 Main (0x5 from string package 0x4)
0xE06E4 Advanced (0x102 from string package 0x4)
0xE2334 Security (0x31 from string package 0x4)
0xE3B04 Boot (0x51 from string package 0x4)
0xE4DC4 Exit (0x8B from string package 0x4)

0A0D : 74 70 to 74 00

0A45 : 74 38 to 74 00

0A7D : 75 1D to EB 1D

Download these tools H2OUVEs and use them , unpack and one for one folder try which one is working for you, run Dump.bat by double click on it to get the Vars.txt
after write which one UVE worked and upload the vars.txt file to edit it.
I will reply with a bios mod and instructions.


Let me know