I want to update microcodes on an OEM system to support Xeon, but how?

I have an HP Z270 Motherboard (Omen 880-050), and from the website it only supports certain 7th gen CPU’s, even with the latest BIOS update. I then learned that I can insert microcodes into the BIOS and then flash it to the board. So I found a Supermicro BIOS file that supports the CPU I’m trying to install, but the problem I’m having is that I don’t know how to get the microcodes off of the BIOS. I’ve found some guides and resources but they don’t work/ I don’t understand them
Has anyone done something like this before?
Omen Motherboard: HP Desktop PCs - motherboard specifications, Tampa | HP® Customer Support
Supermicro donor BIOS: https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/motherboard/x11ssl
(I also have an AMD board I would like to do this with but it seems like I can’t read the current microcodes for it, or any AMD BIOS for that matter, so if any of you have a tool for that then that would be great!)

The forum search box is working…
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Even after the insertition doesn’t mean that the board will support it or boot.
Backups should be made and its an HP board… good luck with it.

EDIT: No specific guide… read and learn.

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Which one of these guides do I follow?

Just keep it simple and use Ubutool. Its possible you’ve got bootguard or some protection to prevent bios modification so may not work and possible to brick your system. You should take a dump of your bios and post it if its allowed for others to look at it.

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I thought UBU was a Flash tool?


BIOS: BIOS – Google Drive

This isn’t a complete firmware image, just bios region. Try to get a complete firmware backup!

For Xeon support it seems more is needed that just µcode. The Supermicro motherboard uses SPS 4, btw.

(Just a quick search, didn’t read the complete threads)

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The files after extracted are .bin, how do I run intel image tool?
EDIT: And how do you recommend getting a firmware backup?