IDE mode enabled Asus X555LB BIOS

I flashed it but it still shows ahci controller. Here is the DUMP of my BIOS: (2.4 MB)

Please answer me did you finish my bios modding? If yes, send me a bios link. I’m waiting for one day.

I’m waiting for it.

Please answer me did you complete my bios modding?

@XPWELL64 - Very sorry for the delays here!
I will edit the BIOS for you tonight

Did you complete my bios modding?

@XPWELL64 - Reading back, I think maybe there is some confusion here, maybe on my part too? After you flash BIOS in post #12, AHCI would still be an option, but you can then choose IDE, AHCI, or RAID - choose whatever you want.
Why do you want IDE anyway, it’s much slower than AHCI mode. I can still do the edit I mentioned, to force IDE as default on everything, but wanted to wait and get clarification by you, what happens when you set IDE with BIOS in post #12 and reboot back to BIOS?
Is it reset back to AHCI then on reboot after you set IDE? If yes, we can force, but then it may not boot to any disk at all if IDE functionality has been removed from this BIOS in some way.
I wanted to make sure what’s going on here, if you “See AHCI” as an option with BIOS #12 so you thought it wasn’t changed still, or you already tested setting IDE and it still goes back to AHCI. Because AHCI option will always be a select-able choice in the BIOS, you just have to pick IDE instead.

Yes I want ide.

Yes, I understood that. Please answer my questions above (All of them)

I want retro OSes. I set up to IDE. BIOS shows as ide but when I install windows its disk controller recognises as ahci. When I reset, it recognises as ahci. The result is BIOS shows as IDE but windows shows as ahci.

Thanks for answers. Still a little unclear on your second to last comment “When I reset, it recognizes as AHCI” Whan you reset what, and what recognizes as AHCI? If you mean when you reset BIOS it’s AHCI, that would be a given, since AHCI is the default option for that setting

Sounds like this system has IDE functionality removed from BIOS, or chipset disabled etc. You can try this BIOS, but I assume outcome will be same.
Once BIOS flashed in, boot to BIOS, load optimized and do not change anything related to IDE/AHCI, reboot back to BIOS, make any other changes you want (Still not touching IDE setting), then try installing OS and see if you get IDE possible or not.
This BIOS has EVERYTHING set to IDE by default, setup, AMITSE/SetupData, NVRAM and hidden/shadow NVRAM backup too.

Read carefully >> Flash this time ONLY, using this command >> FPTw.exe -rewrite -bios -f IDEALL.bin
Be 100% sure you don’t leave out the -bios flag in that command!

And don’t use -rewrite other times when using FPT, this is special circumstance, so BIOS region is 100% erased before writing, that way old NVRAM backup volume that doesn’t get dumped with FPT Dump is removed…107167804260713

I got the raid mode by setup_var. setup_var 0x201 0x2
But I cannot get IDE mode

If flashing above BIOS at post #31 exactly as I described does not enable IDE mode after flashing and loading optimized defaults, then this board cannot do IDE mode (may be missing hardware, or chipset functionality etc)
RAID/AHCI is very different than IDE. Some systems require add-on IDE controllers other than what’s offered by the chipset/PCH, this may be one and would be the reason this was hidden in the BIOS by default.
This is due to Intel phasing out older tech features, IDE is one of those things they are doing away with, along with BIOS as well.

@XPLives & @Fernando may be able to expand more on this for you, 9th series PCH/CPU (Broadwell - i7-5500U, i5-5200U, i3-5010U) being latest Gen would be right in line with that kind of phasing out of older tech.

Getting a 0x0000007B (“wrong/not matching storage driver”) error code BSOD while trying to get Windows XP installed is not a proof, that the related device doesn’t support the IDE mode.
1. Did you use a “clean” (untouched) or an already customized XP Image? If the latter, what exactly did you integrate?
2. Which are the HardwareIDs of your on-board Intel AHCI Controller (can only be checked while running a modern MS Operating System)?
3. Why do you want to get XP installed in IDE mode? What about the integration of the mod+signed Intel AHCI driver v11.2.0.1006 into the XP Image?
4. Did you succeed with the XP installation after having set the SATA mode of the Intel SATA Controller to “RAID”?

@Fernando - For your info in case you didn’t read back. The original BIOS here only offered AHCI as storage function, I enabled IDE/AHCI/RAID option.
Additionally at post #31 above, I made him BIOS with IDE set as default in all possible areas, settings storage and NVRAM etc, so it would have been forced to 100% IDE function only provided no BIOS settings change by user and IDE function was possible by hardware
I think hardware does not support IDE function in this case

@XPWELL64 , @Lost_N_BIOS
Sorry can’t be much more help. I don’t own any laptops post Ivy Bridge to tell you what will work / doesn’t. But anything post Ivy Bridge I can guarantee you will not find a iGPU driver for it which means XP will run laggy when dealing with scrolling graphics.

In the future I will order that SOIC8 clip from China for future unremovable BIOS modding attempts when the corona virus situation is resolved. Bad timing right now.