Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools

CSME 11.8 COR H DA v11.8.92.4249


CSME 16.0 COR H A v16.0.15.1810

CSME 11.8 CON H DA v11.8.92.4249

PHY N ADP v13.57.250.7228


I am having this issue with BCLK too. Anything other than 100 = boot loop.
Also, if I set the maximum CPU temperature (effective TJMAX) on my Asus Hero XII to anything but auto = boot loop.

Something is really messed up with this version.

I did BCLK OC mod in my ge75 laptop, making my i7 10875h faster than stock i9 10980hk.
Latest ME broke evrything. It had problems even with 100MHz clock as it was revarting back to 99.75 so it was reactivating spread once a 3-4 boot ups I thought that either they patched ability to make unofficial ME mod from security reasons like they did with locking FIVR via bioses, But if you have same problem in a desktop, that means that they messed up things in latest ME.
I have reflashed full bios dump for my laptop reverting ME firmware to the very first one for H platform and I have only updated PCHC and PMC subpartitions. Everything is back to the how it should be.
My i7 10875h can now run 4430MHz all core boost and 5250MHz single.
If you not considering security patches as a need, first revert to the very first ME FW and prepare old ME FW with only updted PMC and PCHC. For flashing uses -allowsv in firmware update Utility so you could bypass lock for updating to the same ME version and thanks to that you will update only sub partitions.

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Is it possible to know which exactly ME revision to use by looking at the chipset and CPU?

I have broken motherboard, BIOS is corrupted, I cannot read it, but I know which chipset and CPU are on board. Is it possible to know which ME to use based on those 2 chip on board?

For example I have:
SR2CE and it is Intel GL82CM236 chipset - Skylake
Intel® Pentium® Processor G4400T

From HP website for this PC when I extract ME Firmware update, there are these 2 types:


How to distinguish which one is the right one to use?

The HP FW update file (Usually for several same based models) will determine the sku on the motherboard and flash the correct one, LP is Low Power systems/tiny models/laptop etc… H is usually standard systems sff, mt models, you should try to identify the motherboard with more detail or try to dump the corrupted spi and check any details still visible.

By the way how did you correctly identified the HP ME FW SPxxxxxx package…since you dont know what machine you have???

CSME 15.0 CON H B v15.0.41.2158

CSME 15.0 CON LP B v15.0.41.2158

CSME System Tools v15.0 r15

CSME System Tools v14.5 r7

CSME System Tools v14.0.20+ r20

CSME System Tools v11 r46


pluto, you are awesome as always. Low bow.



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CSME 13.50 ATM N A v13.50.20.1673

PMC JSP N A v135.3.00.1036

@ Michael_Code, Ataemonus

Thank you both for your kind words. I’ll admit that I have decided to mostly stop doing this kind of updates myself in the near future (i.e. looking at “sources”, extracting, identifying new stuff, preparing, storing, packaging, posting etc.) and that’ll probably extend to MEA and MCE. It’s too much work, time (and mental) wise, and after 8 years of doing this, I’ll look into spending more time on other things. In time, I will help others who might want to pick up the mantle (at least for the sourcing/“crawling” part) by sharing some potentially useful places to look (from those which are still alive, even the HP FTP seems to be dead now). Anyway, wanted to share that now so that it doesn’t come as a “huge” surprise later on. :upside_down_face:


It makes perfect sense, I’d be tired of this after a few days, honestly, especially with the amount of silly quiestions you keep getting asked, some of them I have asked myself, lol.

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Nah, we can all ignore questions if there’s no will, time or point to answer. That’s not the problem. The entire process to fetch, parse, store, post, update DB, fix/maintain tools, update repos etc is the amount of work I was mainly referring to. But thank you for your support and understanding either way! :slight_smile:

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If I had the knowledge I would definitely not mind doing all of the above, but given I can barely follow the very clear guides you posted…it would be a $h!t show :))
BIOS_X11SCW-F-1B07_20220513_1.8_STDsp.rar (7.0 MB)


Depending on whether you use manufacturer UEFI/BIOS flash, then UEFI flash may / may not contain ME region.

Thus with full flash, if you perform CSME then UEFI (most likely as many flash routines force restart as part of the process), CSME is overwritten (not all images contain latest CSME as vendors have usually had the updates some time).

If the CSME is not included in the flash option then it’s possible to do what you suggest.

IIRC older MSI M-FLASH would show a diagram with BIOS or BIOS & ME. I use almost exclusively Gigabyte boards and QFLASH varies by chipset.

Easy way to find out is to drop your UEFI / BIOS image onto MEAnalyser, if there’s no ME region it will tell you.

Thank you for your work.


@plutomaniac Just want to express my appreciation for your work! Got some 2 dozen machines quickly updated to latest ME firmware versions so a big thank you!

I’m looking for PCHC CMP v14.0.0.7002 but the RAR file doesn’t seem to be available on the MEGA download site…

FWUpdLcl64_&_MEInfoWin64_16.0.15.1813.rar (429.4 KB)

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CSME 15.0 COR H B v15.0.41.2158

CSME 15.0 COR LP B v15.0.41.2158

@ scan80269

It’s the same as