Intel (Converged Security) Trusted Execution Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools

As I said, you are up to date TXE wise, nothing more to do.

CSTXE 4 v4.0.32.1524


CSTXE 3.1 v3.1.86.2538


CSTXE 4 v4.0.40.1600


CSTXE 3.1 v3.1.90.2629


CSTXE 4.0 GLK v4.0.45.1848

CSTXE 3.1 APL v3.1.92.2881

Hi Marvin, I restored the original post content because I wanted to emphasize my appreciation for people who look out for newer firmware and report them here, no matter if this was already present at the mega link from a few days ago. The latter won’t always be the case, so I needed to thank you for helping out. :clap:

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Did anyone manage to successfully generate the Bios file for T100TA?

Follow the guide: [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization (1.2 MB)


CSTXE in Intel CH_0063 bios:

║              CH0063.CAP (1/1)             ║
║            Family           │   CSE TXE   ║
║           Version           │ ║
║           Release           │  Production ║
║             Type            │  Extracted  ║
║       Chipset Stepping      │      B      ║
║ TCB Security Version Number │      3      ║
║ ARB Security Version Number │      7      ║
║    Version Control Number   │     112     ║
║       Production Ready      │     Yes     ║
║      OEM Configuration      │     Yes     ║
║             Date            │  2023-01-02 ║
║      File System State      │  Configured ║
║       Flash Image Tool      │ ║
║       Chipset Support       │     APL     ║

CSE TXE Prod B (1.2 MB)

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Good evening,
First of all, hello to everyone, I found your site looking for information on the problem I have on a Foxconn NanoPC with an Intel N3700 processor which gives me the error of the little yellow triangle next to the Trusted Execution Engine Interface device.
The currently installed version is

Can you tell me where to download the right most updated version, which I hope will solve my problem?

Thank you

And what is reported by Windows about the state of the related device…?

The drivers from the first link do not download.
The ones in the second link, even though they appear to be a later version, the installer says they are newer than the ones currently installed.

I uninstalled the version in use, I tried to launch the installation again and it says “Platform not supported”

Then the latest for your hardware platform was the ones you had previously, the same in OP of this thread. It means newer packages do not contain your hw device ID (TXE) in the inf driver list.

Unfortunately now I don’t even have the previous version, because I uninstalled it.

Do you have a link for this version?

Open your “eyes” a little more… i hate lazy people

EDIT: Oh you don’t read any info or topics… you just fetch, section A1 on FIRST POST of this thread

Sorry, I didn’t understand what you meant by OP.

As I said before, I had uninstalled the driver, I also uninstalled the remaining part with Revo Uninstall, downloaded the OP version, installed it, restarted the machine.
Now the little yellow error triangle no longer appears.

Thank you