Intel (CS) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools for (CS)ME 16+

please check for me

Asus Q409Z Bios File

FWUpdLcl(64)_16.1.25.1991.rar (521.7 KB)

Hi everyone!
I have a few questions for the experts.
laptop Aorus 5 KE4 (i7 12700H, rtx3060), bios fully locked. I made dumps with “FPTW64” : bios.bin (region), ME.bin, and FD.bin
It was not possible to make a full dump, writes:
“- Reading Flash [0x047AE40] 4587KB of 32768KB - 14 percent complete.
Error 185: FCERR is set. hardware sequencing failed. Make sure you have access to the target flash area.
FPT Operation Failed.”
MEAnalyzer shows mfit version but I couldn’t find that version.
Please share who has CSME system tools v16.0.15.1624 or mfit.
I will be very grateful if they also give me a hint on how to further make a full dump and unlock my bios.


Hello, everyone. Please answer this question when configuring the ASUS notebook bios for my R7 version. Thank you very much


Are there update for rocket lake platform?

If not mistaken thats ME FW 15, surely you must know how to identify it…

@pipes80, @MeatWar

Rocket Lake = Gen11 → PCH Series 400 (ME 14) and 500 (ME 15).

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sorry, is raptor lake


I tried to point out in my previous post that this is not CPU, but motherboard dependent. What motherboard do you have exactly? By the way, both the 600 and 700 series are ME16, which is another topic.

I have a z790 apex, I think the last version is

Ok… seems that you just wanted to brief us that the ME 16 topic is not to update and you already knew your system info and ME version of the Asus product support page, as same as the station-drivers fw repository (09-2022). So seems that to our knowledge you may indeed have the latest version know.

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Where do we find older versions of CSME system tools??

Thank you

Hello! Where could I find an OEM download of the ME System Tools?

As far as i know there is no Archive from such tools, at least public, maybe some user had been storing them.

The linked tools are of generic use and gathered from several sources, most of them from OEMs, so explain yourself better on what is your need regarding “OEM” tools.
OEMs can occasionally publish some update packages on their product page support and the tools may be present or not in the package.

EDIT: @davidm71 Glad you found it, as i said i dont recall one, only the current repository on Mega linked by plutomanic.
Wait…were you looking for the current 2-15 thread???..“OLDER?” rigth…no comments.

@MeatWar Yes there is. Found it ten minutes later.

I was wondering if someone could point me to one of those vendor update packages with the ME v16 tools because I’d have to give it root and have some trust issues :slightly_smiling_face:

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Those packages are related to your system (Bios updates/ME FW updates)
so… we cant point you nothing as we are not “Fortune tellers” to know your hardware/motherboard.

EDIT: Well if the MSI product support page of your motherboard doesnt have a ME FW update, then you may verify it with the guide on this thread if there’s an update for your system, that’s it.
Of course it needs users to do a full read of the guide to understand it.

Some OEMs do not offer a separate package as they just merged it in a bios update package.

Good luck.

Sorry, I didn’t know they were model-specific. I don’t think MSI publishes them for the Z690-A, but I’d appreciate if you could please let me know if I’m wrong.

Edit: it looks like the CSME version is

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but did this leak include the tools? I can’t find them after downloading.

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Here’s the link where they have all the tools: Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools (2-15). I don’t see that version.

Edit: Yes older. Sigh…