Intel ME Update Method for Acer Swift 3 SF-31452G

Hi all, I was not sure exactly where to post this but I found a convenient way to update the ME firmware for the Acer Swift 3 (SF-31452G - i7-7500U) such that as of 25/03/2024 the Intel CSME tool is indicating vulnerabilities are patched.

Acer stopped releasing bios/security updates a few years ago which was disappointing, the bios is also extremely locked down and basically impossible to re-flash without a programmer.

This was tested by me today and worked flawlessly and did not involve any coding or advanced knowledge at all. I am making this post in hopes that other users on the same platform can google this and secure their machines. The method is as follows:

  1. Jump on the Lenovo site and look up “X280 (Type 20KF, 20KE) Laptop (ThinkPad)” Support (Link for convenience: laptops and netbooks :: thinkpad x series laptops :: thinkpad x280 type 20kf 20ke - Lenovo Support AU)

  2. Download Management Engine Firmware (05 September 2023)

  3. This should result in a file called n20rg24w.exe appearing in your downloads. Run this as admin and hey presto! You’re patched after restart.

I was surprised there was not some sort of lock preventing the update from running but it worked for me. Of course this is still very much use at your own risk, just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Also very grateful to Lenovo for unintentionally helping some Acer users lol

Apologies to admins if this is not in the right place, I am just putting it somewhere in hopes it helps a few googling around for solutions.

Yes, the updates aren’t machine specific and the Intel FwUpdate tool just ‘delivers’ the new image to the ME which then will update itself.

This threads first post is no longer updated, but there are still the links to Intel ME tools which contain FwUpdLcl in the first post, too.

And the links for latest versions will get you to a Mega archive where plutomaniac still copies the latest updates.

Be aware that ME11 comes in Coroporate and Consumer version, both come in H and LP and the LP versions come with a powerdown mitigation or without.

For all Intel ME 11.8 except the ones with PDM (“YPDM”) the latest version is