Intel RST/RSTe Drivers (latest: v20.0.0.1038/ v8.5.0.1592)

The latest Intel RST driver for your system (Z77) is Intel SATA AHCI-RAID Drivers WHQL

Intel VMD Drivers Only v20.0.0.1038 WHQL

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The start post of this thread has been updated by me today (01/16/2024).

Samsung Magician reports a compatibility issue and recommends to update driver to the latest version to enable some functions. Is v14.5.0.1081 not the latest driver for Z97 under Windows 10?

The latest 32/64bit Intel RST/RST(e) drivers of the v14 platform are listed within the first post of this thread.
By the way - the latest Intel RST/RST(e) drivers are not automaticly the best. Furthermore the current BIOS setting regarding the SATA mode (AHCI or RAID) may make a big difference regarding the driver choice.

I actually wanted to ask not which driver is the latest of the v14, but if I can use a latest platform driver?

What difference would this make about the driver?

To be able to answer this question I need the HardwareIDs of your in-use Intel SATA Controller.


You can install the Intel RST AHCI driver v14.8.18.1066 WHQL. Your system will be supported.

I thought I was clear, but I am asking if I can use a newer driver from a platform after v14?

The Intel RST driver v14.8.18.1066 WHQL is the latest one among all Intel RST platforms, which natively will support your system.
Nevertheless you can try to install any newer Intel RST driver, which has been mod and signed by me. You can find them within the first post of >this< thread. Don’t forget to import the Win-RAID CA Certificate and to set a Restore Point before starting the driver update.

The start post of this thread has been updated by me today (04/04/2024).