Is there a way to remove Intel microcode on B660-B760 boards

This post describes the problem. but basically Intel microcode prevent bios cpu overclocking or undervolting, and even stops throttlestop from working!

I was hoping to get this board, the only board I could find that meets my needs, and now I find out it has microcode preventing my from undervollting - so my entire build is in the trash now. (

Typically we have to exchange the desired cpu mcode on the bios, to older revisions with tools like AMI MMtool, UEFI tool or HEX edit…now the issue here is the mod flash operation, theres no USB BFB on that model, so only left options are M-Flash that can refuse to flash a mod file or using the Intel FPT tool to read and write as long as the spi regions are accessible and last resource is SPI programming.
All of this operations has their risks and theres always a chance of a bricked motherboard.

[Guide] Manual AMI UEFI BIOS Modding - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (

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You cannot remove microcode its a part of processor and must have it to recognized correctly by OS

based on test, Some AMI tool called mm tool support for upgrade/downgrade microcode without break bios signature, so it can work in internal flash like asus flash

You’re not quite right. Complete removal of the microcode is not the best solution, but there are modifications that involve getting rid of the microcode as a way to achieve a certain goal. See example.

In the case of Alder Lake CPUs, downgrading microcode is not a bad option. Only if there are version in which dynamic overclocking lock, as it put in a post on reddit, had not been introduced yet.

based on that link, it like possible to remove bios microcode with still booting, i not tested yet but i think it will remove special instruction included in that Processor Like intel TSX,AVX,AVX512 etc , so windows using windows microcode as fallback like generic (because from bios removed), and it will unlock some special lock applied by vendor and that S3 Turbo tool can directly take control locked value

and some note its more vurnerability i think because vurnerability fix included in microcode revision