Is v15 stable (bsod- and freeze free)?

I installed latest (floppy without software) on Win 7 x86 with my DEV 2822 (q67).
DPC Latency Spikes like in v9.6 to v11 are no more since v12.
Can i trust theese new RST(e) Drivers … now … finally?
Is there anything bad i need to know about v15?

@wedok :
As I have already written very often, I do not recommend to install any Intel RST(e) driver from the v14 or v15 platform onto an old Intel chipset system like yours.
Reason: Intel 6- and 7-Series Chipsets are not support by these drivers (although they are installable in RAID mode due to the universal external DeviceID DEV_2822)).
You can try them nevertheless.