Itautec SM-3322 Bios mod request: AGESA update for X6 CPU support

Hello there!
Got a Phenom X6 CPU from a friend. I want to use this CPU on my Itautec SM-3322 (rebranded Pegatron AP480C-S) motherboard. When I plug the CPU on the board, it won’t post. I read that some of this AM2+ boards had BIOS updates to support this 6-core CPU. Currently it is running with an Athlon II X3 processor (AM3).
I tried flashing the M3A78-CM bios on my board, since they are quite similar and it detects the CPU but won’t finish posting. It shows Initializing USB controllers and hangs.

Is it possible to get the updated AGESA code from the ASUS board and replace it on my Itautec board BIOS?

I attached both BIOS files to this post. (1.36 MB)