Jmicron JMB36x v1.08.01 AHCI modded orom

Hello. I bought a JMB363 pata + 2sata + 2esata (switchable with the internal connectors) controller, but it seems it can run only in raid mode.
I need to upgrade its firmware/rom with the newest one but with AHCI support.
Where can I find it?
Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance.

Who told you theres a new FW update?
Seems this is an old issue related to this card with RAID as default… so no need to speculate on official FW AHCI only
JMB363 || Ruud’s Blog || Page 1 (

EDIT: You’re free to use whatever ROM you want, it wont work in all adapters around.
Your issue is referenced in the shared link and it seems a default behaviour, not an official ROM update issue, so do as you please with the available (collected) ROMs shared, as it is, here on the forum, if one of them resolves your issue, your earned the day, good luck.

Here for example: AHCI & RAID Option ROM Modules - #2 by Fernando
If you scroll down till letter C: C. JMicron RAID ROM modules
You’ll find “JMicron JMB36x RAID ROM v1.0.8.01 for DEV_2363”