Lenovo M93p Fan Warning Removal

Hello, I have recently adquired a Lenovo M93p to use as a home server, and in order to achieve silent operation, I swapped the stock fans with noctua ones. Now with those fans I get fan errors (which I’m assuming are related to different fan ramp up curves given the fan headers are not proprietary), and I’d like to know if there’s any way to mod the bios to allow that error to be bypassed without user input.
I’ve searched the forums and found a couple forums that already had asked the same question, but apart from this none has any relevant information.
I have already dumped the BIOS before, which I used to perform the NVMe mod (but haven’t flashed yet because I faced “Error 280” when trying to flash bios, and am pending on a bios programmer) and would hopefully want this mod to be on top of the NVMe one.
I have a good knowledge of programming, so if I have to delve into the BIOS assembly as stated in the linked thread I should be able to, given some guidance.

Quick update, and also a small bump, I have received the ch341a, and with it have successfully dump the chips with it, and flash the NVMe bios with success, only missing the Error 280 now.
I’ll also leave the current bios here in case someone can perform the fan changes, or needs it for whatever reason.
M93p_nvme.rar (7.0 MB)

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Thank you so much for sharing, seems very close to what I’ll have to do, just with a different error message (which I have already previously found).

Welp I’ve tried for a good bit, found what I think is the fan related logic, but my assembly skills are not really enough to find where the error is originally called, or how to bypass it. Tried a lot of things, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure it out (yet). For now I was able to connect an arduino to the 3rd pin to act as the tachometer, and am sending a constant ~40% pwm signal to drive the fan.