M.2 AHCI on SM951 x79 mobo Windows XP 32 sp3

Hi, i modded my windows xp-32 installation with fernando’s awesome moded intel AHCI/RAID drivers and now i can run raid-0 on my windows xp 32 x79 system!
Thank you Fernando!!
x79 gigabyte UP4 with F7 bios. 4960x. 8gb ram.

I recently purchased a SM951 AHCI M.2 256GB drive, thinking it would work with Fernando’s moded intel drivers.
I can not get them to install with my drive, windows says incompatible hardware.
I tried modding Fernando’s intel XP-32 driver’s .inf myself, to include the drives hardware ID:


Then, Windows gives the option to install the drivers for the M.2 drive, unfortunately, i get a blue screen when i boot into windows. I had to revert to “last settings” I.E: re-install all drivers.

Is there a moded Intel windows XP 32 driver that would work with the SM951 AHCI M.2 drive? or could Fernando update his awesome Modded intel AHCI? RAID XP-32 drivers to support M.2 AHCI?

I chose the fastest AHCI M.2 card, the: SM951 (thinking it would work with Fernando’s moded intel AHCI XP-32 driver) Because there are no windows XP-32 drivers for NVME, and i still can’t get it to work with Fernando’s moded drivers.

Thanks so much! i have 11 days left to return the drive if i can’t get it working

@fugio :
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Since the Samsung SM951 has a Samsung and no Intel AHCI Controller, you cannot use any Intel AHCI driver to get it working.
The only AHCI driver, which definitively supports the AHCI Controller of thw SM981 SSD is the generic MS AHCI driver, which is in-the-box of Win7/8/10, but i doubt, that you will get it working with Windows XP.

It is easier to get an NVMe SSD working with Windows XP. Some generic OFA NVMe drivers are obviously working fine with XP. If you are interested, I can give you more information.
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Gotcha, thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.

Yes, i could use the info on getting a NVMe m.2 to work with Windows XP 32.

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