M15 R5 bios bricked cha341a help needed

Hi all,
Somehow i bricked the bios of this thing (still in warranty!) took it to pieces.
And found in all, 2 flashes (attached)

After many trials with dell recovery usb (failed)
The Winbond m74xx i have never touched cause its tagged online as a “security Chip” however
I was able after colossal battles with cha341a to read the GD25xx while its still on pcb (laptop in pieces atm)
Now after using an insydeh20 extraction tool i get ~ 5 files of which one is called setup and it measures exactly 16,384 KB

Losing my mind and afraid i might have damaged or wrote crap to the GD25xx which is obviously not the bios.
Can anyone help with this?
The W74mxx is potentially the bios somehow and can be flashed as a 25xx winbond?
P. S i do have 1.8v adapted so no problem.
Appreciate any help of having bios header and maybe if possible while in just unlock/ add any OC modules (did brick it using the universalformUefiflasher or so)

Appreciate any help.
Stock bios is here (*.exe and rcv for recovery)

It’s usually fine as long as the size is correct. just make sure backup the bios first before doing so.

the 25xxx is usually the NOR version, the W74xxx is the NAND version from what i’ve seen.

Did you try to write something to this chip?

Always make at least 2 valid backups before writing!

And I’d assume there’s (at least) one more chip.

What do you mean by NOR /Nand? Sorry.
Which one is to flash and most importantly is the setup.bin with perfectly 16mb size is the stock bios?
I will try to read w74 winbond with 1.8v to see what comes out…

Really appreciate if someone can give a decisive answer with which chip to flash and where is thw stock file to use (customise it later thats fine with IDs and MAC)