Modding for asus b560m plus wifi?

Need help modding my asus b560m plus wifi (AMI v5)
Here’s what i did so far.

  1. I downloaded the oldest bios file I can find from asus website and successfully flashed it(stock)

  2. I rebuilt my own modded bios file for the motherboard using the stock bios file downloaded from website, then I used a tool called “APTIO v UEFI EDITOR”, heres the link GitHub - BoringBoredom/UEFI-Editor: Aptio V UEFI Editor: an alternative to AMIBCP.

  3. I’ve found and disabled settings named “flashprotection” and “BIOS Lock” which were both previously enabled on stock bios file. After modding it to my liking and unhiding some settings, I rebuilt the cap file and saved it in 2 formats, one ROM and one CAP. The files came out clean and uncorrupted.

Issues are:

AFUWINGUI v5.16 Doesn’t seem to let me flash due to “error 18 - Secure Flash Rom Verify Fail.”. I attempted to flash both the modded rom and cap file. I also attempted to use FTPw.exe to flash but it gave me a similar error asking me to contact the manufacterer to unlock it.

I have also tried AFUDOS.exe but it gives me “error 46 failed to get flash info” or similar error. I’m running a custom version of windows 11 without bloatware or AV so nothing can be interfering here. OS is called revi OS if anyone’s curious.

Also, When I dump the rom file from the motherboard using AFUWINGUI, it says its successful but when I go back to the software and attempt to flash the ROM file as is without modding, it outputs that its corrupted.

When dumping ROM file with FTPw.exe, it only outputs a smaller sized rom file which does appear to be corrupted. BIOS file size from FTPw is 11mb, whilst rom file size from afuwin is 16MB.

Also if anyone knows how to upload my bios files here, please let me know. Thanks for your help

My final idea to remove flash protection and bios lock was using a CH341A bios programmer. If there’s any simpler way to remove the lock, please do inform me. Also would this programmer even work at flashing my new modded cap file?

The developer of UEFI Editor has is own thread in this forum.

Uploading files to the forum only not initially possible for new users to the forum, a few posts and reading time will grant the user another state and trust.

Dont need to point out sharing/cloud services, plenty of those out there and all major email account providers, do provide space and their own sharing service that can be linked here when a new users needs to share a file.

Asus and other brands mods, will not be allowed to be flashed due to security measures from AMI and OEMs vendors… always has been since Aptio IV and now current V.

Asus methods can be USB BFB if the mb has this feature, CH341A or FPT region flash if the FD is unlocked for read/write permissions.

So if no USB BFB, leaves us CH341 and FPT if unlocked, for FPT best way is dumping the bios region only, FPT -bios -d bios_reg.bin, mod it and if FD is unlocked FPT -bios -f mod_bios_reg. bin.

Full SPI backup FPT -d spi.bin, advisable before any mod flash, other individual backups:

“FPT***.exe -DESC -d fd_reg.bin”
“FPT***.exe -GBE -d gbe_reg.bin”
“FPT***.exe -ME -d me_reg.bin”

When performing a full dump ,the possible size of FPT dumps varies from what regions the tool has access to read it (Flash Descriptor).

The bios region is the one containing the mb original data, SN, UUID, MAC.

So, when all other fails, it remains CH341 programmer.

Good luck

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FPTW64.exe -GBE -d gbe_reg.bin
Intel (R) Flash Programming Tool Version:
Copyright (C) 2005 - 2021, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Reading HSFSTS register… Flash Descriptor: Valid

--- Flash Devices Found ---
ID:0xC22018    Size: 16384KB (131072Kb)

GbE Region does not exist.

Error 177: Region does not exist.

FPT Operation Failed

Error with the second command “FPTW64.exe -GBE -d gbe_reg.bin”

Few questions though:

  1. What does FPT unlocked mean? Does it correlate to using a CH341 programmer? If fpt is locked can I still use it to flash my mb?

  2. After looking at the pinmod method, I found my audio chip but its ALC897 and i cant find any datasheets. Should i short the same pins?

  3. Is there any other easier methods to unlock FD

You know this already because you already posted in the correct linked thread regarding the Flash Descriptor access permissions.

GBE only with Intel lan boards equiped

CH341 doesn’t care for systems security or locks, you’re dealing with a side operation between a programable device and an IC

ALC897 is on the web…try harder

There’s no “easy” ways, there’s the ones we know and had confirmation

Well if I knew I wouldn’t have asked. I also piled up all this knowledgeable within 2 days so I’m not really an expert here. Thanks though, I will use the programmer instead as I cannot find anything on acl897.