MSI B85M-G43 Modded bios with nvme section

I upload a bios for MSI B85M-g43 whit nvme. 100% works fine.!ZhFDRCKA!4dKHZNZorj5I7…NfcODQHEIm4krjM


Thank you for your contribution it works perfectly, are you the modder ?
For information, you need first to upgrade the bios to version 3.10 (E7816IMS.3A0) then choose to boot from a bios located on a USB (E7816IMS.bin) to avoid mapping warnings.

Do you know if we are able to force a permanent upgrade of the bios to the modded one E7816IMS.bin ?

@ypapouin - Sounds odd, maybe you flashed it wrong? Both BIOS in his package are same version. Rename the modified .bin BIOS to stock name.extension (E7816IMS.3A0) and flash with M-Flash from USB
When you do this, you are not booting to BIOS on USB, you are flashing it in, then you are done, remove USB, enter BIOS, load optimal defaults and away you go


I made this file bios for my motherboard and work good. writ the steps when you flash bios with my file.

What BIOS rev is this based on?

EDIT: Looking at the BIOS release notes, it looks like this is the BIOS for a B85-G43 which is different than the BIOS for a B85M-G43. If you have a B85M-G43 why did you use a B85-G43 BIOS?

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@Lars - Probably some typo above, you need to use the correct BIOS per your model.

I followed the instructions, modified the latest BIOS for my B85M-G43 to add NVMe boot drive. used M-Flash to flash the BIOS and ME and installed Windows 10. My MB now boots on the NVMe drive!!!