[NEED HELP]how to add option(s) to bios setting(s) ?

@xiaox - See edit above Great, thanks for test result, so all OK and as expected (SATA enable when reset, and IDE/RAID works properly)? If yes, do you want me to apply those to clean BIOS above?
What I posted at #7 is not what you wanted, that is incorrect AHCI/RAID edit, instead of leaving IDE/RAID - So it’s OK, just don’t change the IDE one to AHCI like I showed, then all will be proper as you wanted and as I just made for you on #15

@Lost_N_BIOS if you want to redo you can redo and post it, will test it later after i finish reading the guide

I just checked, that is not cleaned BIOS, you didn’t reflash stock BIOS first, so it’s same old BIOS with tons of old and or invalid NVRAM entries etc.
So no point to edit that, it’s same as original BIOS we’ve been editing

@Lost_N_BIOS that’s so sad, i don’t have the “stock BIOS”, the very “stock BIOS” is that BIOS at #16, the last trick to get the “stock BIOS” is to damage my board and get a new one from seller, that will have a new board and a new bios(probable has same bios)

i just contacted the manufacturer they say they have several different board use this same bios…and the clean bios they say they reply me later

maybe they build they bios by reading this forum…

@xiaox - Stock BIOS, means BIOS from manufacturer that you can flash using stock method. What you dumped at first post is just dirty BIOS dump, it’s been used for long periods and rebooted (MANY times)
You do not have to damage board! Just ask seller, please send me stock BIOS package. No, they wont read this forum or use anything here, they have “clean base BIOS” not a dump from live/in-use board they will send you

@Lost_N_BIOS the manufacturer give me a bios, i don’t know did it used or not
i look into the file name it should be newer then my bios or he send me the wrong bios

upload bios

EDIT again:
I am sure this is a bios for another board, but it can work in my board, it update everything except GBE region, and my board has only 1 minipcie and 1 msata and 2 sata but it seenms display i have multiple pcie ports and all 6 sata in my board, but it works anyway, include RAID

ATM87V1.3.zip (3.25 MB)

@xiaox - Sorry, your comment there on last edit is very confusing All those ports, and stuff you mention, not sure how that is relevant here??!?!?!
Do you want me to look at that BIOS, or wait until you get another one from them? Ohh, and it already includes RAID setting too? If yes, and it works for your board, then nothing we need to do, correct?