Need help i need to mod vbios can not open vbios .dat

I just got z170 asus mobo for my first bios moding i follow this guide [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards
and i have probem open vbios.dat to mod v bios and open vbios.dat arrcording to the guide and it dosen make any sense
tex form un like the guide

@poohzaza666 - The guide you linked is very old, even mentioned UBU version is very old, I suggest not using that. Now, there is two different AIO tools for Coffee mod that do all the editing for you -
svarmod’s tool (CoffeeTime) - [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards (57)
Revlaay’s AIO Tool - [TOOL] Easy automated Mod tool for Coffee Lake bios

Also, on vBIOS and BMP, there is editing guide is here, if you still want to edit BIOS internal vBIOS - [Guide] Transfer of specific Intel VBIOS settings by using Intels BMP tool

thanks for the help somuch
i do not have any success try to rename the bios mod with Revlaay’s AIO Tool - [TOOL] Easy automated Mod tool for Coffee Lake bios with asus brenamer.exe
Second i can not download svarmod’s tool (CoffeeTime) - [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards (57) with the link you gave me in firefox it dose not found the page

brenamer is not used for any of this, or for anything useful ever actually Download file from Asus, modify that, rename yourself manually to USB Flashback name (if using USB Flashback). If you are using USB Flashback, make sure the ending file is encapsulated file (Shows AMI Apto Capsule at top when you open file with UEFITool)
If it is not, upload your mod file for me and I will put back into capsule for you and name for USB Flashback.

Here is svarmods link, sorry looks like some posts have been removed so old link didn’t work anymore (post #885)
[GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards (57)

Hmm, seems same link, now that I went to add new link. Maybe you have something blocking something in firefox?? It’s at last post #855 on this page
[GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards (57)

If you can’t get it sorted out, link me to your BIOS download page and I will make BIOS for you using both tools. What CPU do you want to use, and what is your other older CPU so I can be sure it’s microcode remains in BIOS at the end.

thanks you so much for the help and i appreciate you help a lot
but i want to convet file .bin to .cap myself so that i could learn
can you send me some instruction and i canot download coffeetool on chrome can you provide me with a link

Here is CoffeeTime -
If you cannot download on chrome, use IE or Firefox

I need link to your BIOS, or the model of your board, so I can tell you how to put bin back into capsule, some capsule are 2KB and some are 4KB, so I need to look at BIOS to give you exact directions

CAP BIOS only helpful if flashing via USB Flashback, and for Coffee mod BIOS you need to put on with programmer anyway, or unlock FD via pinmod etc, then program in complete BIOS via FPT, so putting back in capsule will not be very helpful here since USB Flashback does not write the ME or FD region which you need to write for Coffee mod to work properly.

thanks you so much for helping me
here is a link to my bios…/HelpDesk_BIOS/

First, open your mod BIOS in UEFITool and confirm it doesn’t have AMI Aptio Capsule at the top line of the middle area. This is just to confirm your mod BIOS isn’t a capsuled BIOS renamed rom/bin by the mod tools, before you put it back into capsule.
bin./rom should be 16,384KB and encapsulated BIOS would be 16,386 KB. Security capsule is 2000h (2048 bytes / 2kb) and is at the beginning of stock CAP BIOS, before the actual rom/bin BIOS which starts at 800h

Now, once you confirmed your rom/bin BIOS is actually rom/bin and not renamed capsule file, open stock CAP BIOS in hex editor, in second tab of hex editor open your mod BIOS.
On mod BIOS in hex, select all and copy, then on stock BIOS tab, go to location 800h and paste the mod BIOS you copied, then you’re done.
Depending on your hex editor, you may need to select from 800h to end of file by pressing mouse button then scroll to end, or go to 800h and select range of 1000000h, then paste the copied mod BIOS, but most will past in place directly over the rest of the original data
Once done, save the now modified stock BIOS copy as M8I.CAP in your hex editor, now this is ready for USB Flashback.

thanks you so much i appreciate you help a lot and finally get it to work good job you are the best thanks for helping me all along now i can gave this to my father friend and thank you for being kind and you teach me a lot of thing about bios mod
ps.this is my first time asking people for help
thanks you for teaching me

@poohzaza666 - You’re very welcome! Glad to hear you were able to get it done yourself, and all is working properly too, good work

Don’t be scared to ask for help with BIOS, if you need help with something and we can help, we’ll be happy to help!