[Need help] Kaby Lake CPU on Skylake motherboard

@dsanke - thanks, I need to learn more about assembly, it’s tough to absorb guides when they are not mainly focused on BIOS editing. Do you know of any assembly guides that are directly geared towards BIOS editing as main goal like we do?

@Lost_N_BIOS I don’t know where to learn too. It’s hard for amateurs like us to understand how BIOS work and how to edit it properly.

@dsanke - I appreciate it, you’re right, it’s tough to find good guides, plenty out there on assembly work, but most are way to involved and not narrowed down to target mainly BIOS editing type changes
I’m learning a little bit here and there as I go, hopefully some day soon it will all add up to a good chunk of assembly knowledge!

Thanks for your Huge Work!!

I don’t get it

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