Need help modding BIOS for Intel Raid ROM module

I read all the Fernando’s old guide for BIOS modding on that

the only thing is not clear is the MMtool opening result


I cant see any module to edit… I used many version of mmtool and always have this result, a not recognizable list

I have a Sony Vaio serie Z VPCZ13C5E, bios file is 4Mb large and this is the original sony last bios

where is the Intel Raid ROM module?

Thanks a lot, and well done with that forum

@ slash23:
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Please let me know the vendor and the name of your mainboard or - even better - give me a link to the latest BIOS.


I have a Sony Vaio serie Z VPCZ13C5E, bios file is 4Mb large and this is the original sony last bios

@ slash23:

I am sorry, but I cannot really help you.
Your Sony VAIO has an EFI/Insyde BIOS, which can be opened, but not modified by using the AMI Aptio MMTool.
Nevertheless I was able to extract all modules of the BIOS named new.rom. It contains an Intel RST RAID ROM v9.5.0.1037, which has an uncompressed size of 83 KB and is named "50173AB-9D1A-4856-86D3-7F1287FA5A55-1_418.ROM".

I asked you cause of this on the forum

this is the Intel rom I modified…2_v11601702.bin I think I did it right
how did you opened the rom file? maybe is the same way pyr0 did to modify it

EDIT by Fernando: quoted text corrected

If the "Alternate DeviceID" of the on-board Intel SATA RAID Controller is DEV_3B2C, you have done the TRIM modification correctly.

I have extracted the content of the BIOS with the “Phoenix Tool” v2.14. If you want to know more about it, you may look into >this< thread.
Just for your information: I do not offer this tool and a guide about how to use it within my Forum, because it is not an official BIOS modding tool. Futhermore it can be used for illegal purposes.

I’m really losing my mind trying to do it

it seems that it’s not so easy, how did u find that “50173AB-9D1A-4856-86D3-7F1287FA5A55-1_418.ROM” is the Intel RST RAID ROM v9.5.0.1037?

trying to replace it in the structure with the bin file do not work, it needs a MOD file…
trying to use EZH2O too with no luck…

wondering how pyr0* did…

After the PhoenixTool had extracted all BIOS modules into the "DUMP" folder, I searched for files with a size between 50 and 100 KB (that is the common size of old Intel RAID ROM modules). Then I just opened them with a Hex Editor. The version can be seen at the beginning of the file on the right hand side as text code.

If I understood his short guide correctly, he opened the BIOS with a Hex Editor and replaced the Intel RAID ROM file, but this is difficult to do without changing the BIOS size and the BIOS structure.
It may be a good idea to contact pyr0 at the Notebookreview Forum. As you can see >here< and >here<, he is a very experienced Sony VAIO BIOS hacker.

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pyr0* doesn’t answer me

do you know any guy who can help me update OROM in my BIOS? I can pay him

What is it your after, trim, SRT both? What problem are you having with Ez, getting it to accept your OROM file?

I have an old BIOS ( with an old version of Intel RST OROM 9.5, I need to update it with a newer version I modded for my chipset HM57 (…2_v11601702.bin) to let it support TRIM for my raid

I dunno how to do it with an EFI/Insyde BIOS

It’s been a while since I’ve messed with Insyde, IIRC a lot of people were bricking their Sony’s with mods in the early days, I don’t know if that is still happening so be very careful that this is what you want to try.

I got a “404” trying to download your OROM so have used a special 11.6 instead which is attached. I tried this with Ez and it seems okay but of course untested so use at your own risk.

File → Load File "new.rom"

Components → Module → Delete Existing Module
GUID 501737AB-9D1A-4856-86D3-7F1287FA5A55

Components → Module → Insert New Module
New Module Path "?:???\OROM_116.FFS"
FV FV00 => Start adress 0x200000 ,Size : 0xee000 bytes

Save As → "Mod.rom"

If you open “new.rom” with 7-Zip you’ll see a folder called “1.Insyde.vol”, click on that and then open “501737AB.rom”. This is your original OROM. Do the same for “Mod.rom” and you should see the new 11.6 OROM.

in my OROM (mirror: I modified the chipset ID with an hex editor in 1bb22 offset “2c3b000007” to let it support my chipset, opening your file I saw that it has some data more than mine at beginning


that thing move forward the offset to modify with the hex editor, I dunno if this is a problem
I found mine here:…eady-extracted/

( I noticed that the first line in your file is the GUID 501737AB-9D1A-4856-86D3-7F1287FA5A55, so maybe that part is used to positioning the module, and that’s the difference from .bin to .ffs, where did you get that .ffs file? I cannot insert my .bin cause Ez says wrong format)

btw I got 2 problems

1) If I modify the device ID with an hex editor (from 05 1C 4B 1C 01 to 2C 3B 00 00 07) in your file then Ez says “Insert rom format is error!!!” maybe I need another utility to edit it? I use HxD

2) I cannot open any rom file with 7-Zip it says "cannot open file as archivie"

You are the best tnx for your helping

Hi slash23,
first of all there is little point changing the ID in the OROM I posted for you as it was made to work without an ID being present, especially useful for older boards. As such it should work to give RAID0 trim across all chipsets with 2822/282a RAID controller without any other modification. So far successfully tested on 4 and 5-series.

The header of the OROM was made specially for you, there can be quite a bit to it so referring to EFI specifications would be the best way to learn but basically changing data in the file will require fixups to possibly 2 checksums at 0x10 and 0x11, 1 CRC-32 at 0x30 for this file and possibly file lengths.

This is a view with 7-Zip ver 9.22

This is your modified firmware but I have not used Ez for modding before so I don’t know if it is any good or if there are any caveats.

oh 7-Zip 9.22 beta… that’s why

all clear now, you really saved the day, I was going crazy on this BIOS thing

I read today the VAIO Z has no emergency BIOS recovery mode, so If I flash and it fails is a “byebye” with no warranty

wondering what to do… single 256SSD vs 2x128SSD raid0… and I have the HDD version with no visibile RAID setup in BIOS, and dunno if it will be visibile simply adding 2xSSD or I have to modify the BIOS…

hope upcoming days will help my mind

That might be part of the reason so many ended up bricked, no recovery. Certainly going with one larger disk would be risk free plus it sounds like you do not have the advanced menu settings for RAID. Might want to take a look >here< since you might need to do something similar for that.

I have advanced menu, but the HDD version of VAIO Z doesn’t have the “show RAID menu” option dunno why

I hope that it will pop up when I’ll connect 2xSSD

Well if you don’t then 0x239 is the store offset you should be interested in. I don’t know if this is just an extension of the feature mask to only show the ctrl-i menu when there is a problem by using the hide option and to always show it using the show option. Didn’t see any feature mask though so have you run in RAID and checked RAID0 and others are an available option by using the RST GUI?

IDValue_Op 0239h,1,01h
OneOf_Op 568,1,19,20 ;RAID Configuration
OneOfOpt_Op 18,00h,01h,00h ;Hide
OneOfOpt_Op 17,01h,00h,00h ;Show

Also you might be interested some other features that are hidden by 0x258, some of which are
IDValue_Op 0258h,1,00h
Ref_Op 021h,21,73,00h,00h ;Boot Configuration, Form 021h
Ref_Op 022h,74,75,00h,00h ;Peripheral Configuration, Form 022h
Ref_Op 023h,76,77,00h,00h ;IDE Configuration, Form 023h
Ref_Op 024h,768,769,00h,00h ;Thermal Configuration, Form 024h
Ref_Op 025h,80,81,00h,00h ;Video Configuration, Form 025h
Ref_Op 026h,82,83,00h,00h ;USB Configuration, Form 026h
Ref_Op 027h,84,85,00h,00h ;Chipset Configuration, Form 027h
Ref_Op 028h,86,87,00h,00h ;ACPI Table/Features Control, Form 028h

Yeah, the bios I linked is already modded for advanced options and I can see all these features, but I’ve never seen the RAID one, so I’ve never seen the Ctrl-I RST menu

this is what I see in the advanced options

this is what a SSD version VAIO Z see in the same page

dunno why, both VAIO Z use same bios and have the same chipset, something must be influencing that option to come up, I always thought it was cause of the single HD I have, maybe connecting 2 SSD/HD the option will come up but I’m not so hopeful

btw I think can manage the RAID from Intel Windows utility bypassing the Ctrl-I way, cause I’ll have 1xHD(OS) and 2xSSD, create the raid0 then switch OS to SSDs

Intel rapid storage technology will allow that I hope

wondering about create a raid0 without flashing the TRIM mod bios and using only garbage collection… (damn USPS, take too much to deliver in Europe and give me too much time to think and do damages )

@ slash23:

Just an idea: What do you see, if you choose the last Advanced BIOS section named "Technology"?
By the way: Nobody can see the second picture of your last post ("this is what a SSD version VAIO Z see in the same page"). Copying and pasting an attachment obviously does not work.