Need help to mod a bios for Asus X99-A


I am currently trying to do a mod on the latest version of the bios for ASUS X99-A USB 3.1 to have VT-d and VT-x enabled by default and also to have all the SATA ports to be hot plug enabled.
The reason I want to do that is that my cpu is not supported and requires me to reset the bios at every boot so I cannot have the features enabled in any way.
I have tried to do it using AMIBCP64 but it seems like I am unable to load it to the Flashback or inside the bios itself.

Is there any good way to do that?

@God601 :
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There may be a difficult and risky way to do that by modifying the related system BIOS modules, but I cannot help you due to my linited knowledge about such sort of BIOS modding.

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Dieter (alias Fernando)

I know that this can be hard on UEFI bios sadly… but if there is any way to do it I would be ready to as I cannot work without it.
Well as long the virtualization feature is enabled, everything would be fine.
It was to extract the data from the VMs that are under unRAID and this is my spare motherboard since my other one got broken.

@God601 :
Since I am not able to help you, you will have to wait until you get a reply from one of our BIOS modding Gurus.

No problem, I will be waiting for them which I guess will be in a few weeks because of the holidays :slight_smile:

I am currently trying to extract the data I need using another method at the same time.

Thanks !

Bump… This need to be fixed quite soon as I need virtualization enabled by default in the BIOS ASAP to start back the Exchange server and CPanel.