[Need Help] Unlocking BIOS On Predator G9-793 - InsydeH2O Rev. 5.0

Long story short; I want to OC my RAM.
The BIOS locks the speed at 1333MHz, while they can run 2666MHz.
No advanced menu visible.
No key combinations will open anything hidden.

I’ve got the 1.14 BIOS (the one I use, which is the latest) downloaded and put on USB as backup.
I got it through the latest installer on Acer’s website:
Downloads page
Direct link to file 1.14
BIOS Files (rar)

The file I put on the USB as backup is a directory of everything generated in ‘%temp%’ while running the installer exe.
It includes two possible files: ‘MU5DC.bin’ and ‘MURDC.bin’.
I am unsure which of these is the actual BIOS image I need.

I am unsure if it is possible to flash it the way I had in mind, but I get all these options when opening either of the two .bin files:
On image load


BIOS Advanced (not present in laptop BIOS on startup)

BIOS Advanced -> Overclocking (disabled)

BIOS Advanced -> Overclocking (enabled)

BIOS Advanced -> Overclocking -> Memory (disabled)

BIOS Advanced -> Overclocking -> Memory (enabled). This is what I want to access in my BIOS.

Running the default exe will yield a fully automated process which will not do anything because I have that version installed. The installer terminates.
What I would like to know is if I can modify this image as is, using their tool, and placing the modified image inside the installer, forcing it to use that one instead. Is this possible in any way?
I have looked through the ‘platform.ini’ file, and I do see a ton of overriding and ignoring safety options.

Cheers in advance

Sorry for bump, but I basically rewrote the entire post from scratch.