Need Rog g751jt bios dump file, to flash bios through a ch341a programmer

Hello everyone,
I am new here, i have a bricked Rog g751jt (it says g751jy rev 2.5 on the motherboard. I changed boot order from SSD TO HDD and may have disabled SSD, saved changes, and my pc went into a boot loop. The keyboard lights up for about 2 seconds and nothing appears on the screen, and it keeps restarting. I tried clearing cmos, messed with those j2001 and j2002 jumpers, tried to flash it tbrough a usb and ctrl+home thing, but nothing worked.
If you guys can help me please and give me the dump file i need to flash it with a ch341a programmer, i will be very greatful :two_hearts:
Pc specs: i7 4710hq + gtx 970m


@Issaki - Can you enter BIOS if you remove all HDD/SSD?? What is the BIOS chip ID, read it off the chip with your eyes, don’t rely on software to tell you.
Then I will tell you what software/version is best to use for that chip, so you can dump it and send to me and I will fix BIOS for you to program back. DO NOT erase or write to chip until I tell you that you’ve sent me a good dump off the chip.

The chip you show in image is NOT the BIOS!!

I am so sorry, the bios chip is on the other side xD
It says 25q64fvsig
No, i cannot enter bios when i remove ssd and hdd, the laptop is stuck in a bootloop with nothing on the screen.