Need the right fitic tool to open this bios image

Hello gays

please any help with finding the right fitic tools to open my bios file image
or the image is not good i do not know, can any one help?

20220331_212209_SVOD3 not working.rar (3.0 MB)

CSME11 tools package ( version present on FW image SPT/KBP-LP C)

Thanks for answer

I have use this tool but it give error when open the dump,
the tool that i downlaod is CSME System Tools v11 r45, should i use another one?

First of all… its the same Surface 4 from last month issue…
Read the damm guide and try not to skip any details… this is your job and task, learn it or not.
Depending on the FW version, the tool/process can be done on a full SPI image or just the ME FW image.

EDIT: So sorry but i dont have time for smooth talks so take it as you intend, if its another Surface and you had success in the other image, the issue should be the integrity of this new image…ring a bell??? The tool is not the all savior of any state condition SPI image/fw, over_n_out.

Thanks for your answer

this one is another one. It is not the same, why are you answering in this way of speech?

if you want to help answer my question if not ignore my topic please?

There are a lot of good people in this forum that they like to help.

The first dump that you are talking about i have make it and it work good now,

The second one is not doing the same thing as this one, when I drop the dump image to the fitic tool it gives an error, my question is why am I getting this error?

Error 10: Failed to open with processed commands.
Unable to open file: E:\Surface 2\20220603_020422_SVOD3.bin. Reverting to default configuration.

Any help with this image please

It’s severely corrupted, nothing can be done.

It’s indeed another machine, serials in NVRAM are different. The ftpr- partition of your image is empty, meaning everything is “FF”.
Afaik this isn’t a data partition.

You could
Try to read the chip again, but I don’t think that’s make sense since the rest of the firmware looks quite OK
Try to exchange the FPTR partition with a stock one- FIT will open the chip and present a config a 100% identical to you first posted firmware, so it might work out- or you could
Try to use the cleaned ME region of an identical machine, there’s no machine specific data in this ME region.