Notebook/Laptop Gigabyte G5 KC NH55DPQ (Based on Clevo) - Insyde H2 Bios Unlock

could anybody tell me how to unlock advanced settings in BIOS/UEFI to undervolt CPU? Clevo bodyshell and guts.

Hi Nikttaki,
I am new here. I have an idea to unlock the advanced Undervoltage setting by revising bios, however, my English is not good. So I just say the hint.
1.use “UEFI_Tool.exe” to open the bios, and search the “bios lock” in the file ->Text.
2.Double click the search result below.
3.Right-click the PE32… and extract it
4.Open the extracted file with “Universal IFR Extractor.exe” and output it.
5.Open the output txt file and “setting” until find the “Xtu Interface” and “Overclocking Feature” and remember their variables (0x???).
6.Prepare a USB which is formatted with FAT32 and put in “EFI” dictionary which is download in RU.exe
7.Reboot to bios and close the secure boot
8.Boot with the USB which contain EFI dictionary
9.Press “space” to skip welcome.
10.Press “ALT” + “=” into bios setting.
11.Press “PageDown” to turn page and find “CpuSetup”.
12.Enter CpuSetup and turn page with “Ctrl” + “PageDown” until finding the variables which remembered in 5.
13.Change the value from 00 to 01 and enter.
14.Press “Ctrl” + “W” to save then shut down with long-press power.
15.After rebooting, you can change offset value with XTU which version is 6.5.40 however it does not really work.
16.change offset with “little” value and apply it.
17.Uninstall XtU and reinstall the newest version.
18.Change the offset value with “ThrottleStop.exe” and it will really work.

By the way, I can’t upload image because I only have one post, haha.

did you find out how to undervolt your laptop? i have an NH50DP looking for a way to undervolt