[OFFER] Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 BIOS/UEFI v3802 +NVMe mod


as requested for discussion, here is a modded/updated version for your particular board.

EFI_ROM stock:

Asus P8Z68_V_PRO_GEN3_V3802N_EFI_ROM stock_01_02_2021.png

EFI_ROM modded:

Asus P8Z68_V_PRO_GEN3_V3802N_EFI_ROM update_01_02_2021.png

microcode update:

Asus P8Z68_V_PRO_GEN3_V3802N_microcode update_01_02_2021.png

manual NMVe mod:

Asus P8Z68_V_PRO_GEN3_V3802N_manual_NVMe_mod_01_02_2021.png

The modded BIOS is based on the version 3802 which is the lastest published version for your motherboard.

NOTE the existing Intel ME: should be upgraded to → updated in ME Region PRIOR to BIOS flashing
Edit Feb 16, 2021

Asus P8Z68_V_PRO_GEN3_V3802N_ME_version_8.0.2.1410_16_02_2021.png

Note the Intel Management Engine version in the photo above!

Further observe the non empty padded files; which implies the NVMe mod should be done using MMTool 4.50.0023.

** Your board should be upgraded to ME before you update the BIOS. Copy the contents of IntelME.zip to the root of a DOS boot drive, boot from it and run flash.bat
(doing this in advance speeds up the BIOS flashing procedure quite a bit and prevents possible ME version clash issues).



P8Z68-V-PRO-GEN3-ASUS-3802N.rar (4.09 MB)


NOTE the existing Intel ME: should be upgraded to → updated in ME Region PRIOR to BIOS flashing

As an alternate to the above, the BIOS/UEFI below uses the Small NVMe mod as shown below:


All other EFI/ROM and microcode updates remain the same as above.

I’ll assume you’ve got a proper thermal paste and reseated your CPU and heatsink.

After you’ve reloaded the “Setup Defaults” to your bios; reset your computer, and then enter your preferred custom settings on reboot.


P8Z68-V-PRO-GEN3-ASUS-3802N.rar (4.09 MB)

Habe das Bios installiert und wie ein Wunder wurde meine M.2 NVMe SSD erkannt. Danke super Arbeit.


Super und Bitte! :wink: :innocent:

So I just flashed this onto my ASUS Z68V PRO Gen3 board…after flashing the IntelME update…rebooted but if I select UEFI Boot etc the PC won’t boot and I can’t get back into the BIOS I have to reset the CMOS…so what gives…the new modded BIOS I thought was supposed to allow UEFI boot from M.2 SSDs etc.

[HowTo] Get full NVMe Support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS - Special Topics / NVMe Support for old Systems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

Step 4 - Installation of the OS onto the NVMe SSD

Im not sure if this board requires CSM OFF (Pure UEFI boot) or Auto

Thanks for replying…my other non Pro board boots fine in uefi mode with the modded 3603 bios…but the pro after flashing the intelME update and the .rom in this thread…in the first post…won’t even save in the bios …bios locks up and I have to reset back to default with a CMOS reset. Both boards have unlocked CPUs running closed loop water blocks so I’d like to keep them going … anyway thanks again.

I reread the install OS setup stuff you linked to…I think that has answered an issue I had on my p8z68v-gen3 board, the one that does boot with uefi mode enabled…so thanks for reminding me of that thorough detailed explanation…I only read it once when I first joined and most of it went over my head…