[OFFER] ASUS Rampage V Extreme - modded BIOSes

I have an asus rampage V extreme with a xeon 2696v3, what’s the best modded bios for removing microcode to allow setting max boost? I tried a few bios and none of them load. How do you bypass protection?

Try watch this


I don’t know how I could help you mate, as I never had any xeon cpu in order to make studies about that. It’s better to follow @Koekieezz hints.

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What about just removing microcode from bios? I cant seem to get that to load period, just says invalid cap file

I’ve been following the guy’s stuff but most people are using chinese mobos with non write protected bios. I know it can be done, I just need to inject a driver and remove microcode, my main problem is I cant get the mobo to load the bios file.


Most Asus boards with USB BFB accept mod files (M5E.CAP), this is the prefered way to flash, you can read more here:

[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

Hi guys. I have i7 5960x and rampage v extreme mobo. I want to install modded bios to my system. What is best version of modded ones for stability and overclocking? And if it is possible I want to open resizable bar with that system. Can I enable it with that modded bios with other tools? Thanks.

Hi guys. I have i7 5960x and rampage v extreme mobo, I read all the posts but I didn’t understand if putting the 401 mod version the bifurcation function is enabled in the bios. I would like to put an asus hyper m.2 pcie card with at least two m.2.

I kindly ask Sylar76 if it is possible to insert this function in the bios.

thank you so much for your replies


I don’t know how add/enable bifurcation function on rampage V extreme, I’m very sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

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For those who are looking to enable ReBar in their BIOS, I share my modded BIOS, I used the latest 4101 BIOS from this tread and added ReBarDxe driver from GitHub (ReBarUEFI). You need ReBarState in the OS to activate ReBar with this modded BIOS.

RAMPAGE-V-EXTREME-ASUS-4101_MOD_RB (HWE 0x49, BWE 0x40).zip (8.3 MB)

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Hello, I tried using your bios, after a successful flash, cleared my CMOS, upon booting up the system, I get stuck on code 94, tried several times, no good.

Also, here is the discussion area in which I am trying to get the ReBar mod to work, kindly leave a reply there, thanks.


Hello, NvStrapsReBar module is not in my modded BIOS, I do not need it with my GPU (RTX 3090). This probably why you could not boot your system with that BIOS. I am not a skilled BIOS modder, it was a one off job, It took me 3 days to get it working.

I wrote myself a detailed guide, maybe it can help you:

ReBarUEFI v0.3

It seems that UEFITool and UEFIPatch breaks ASUS Bios, at least for me any attempt using these tools failed to enable Resizable Bar.
Use MMTool (a version compatible with Aptio V).
ASUS are encapsulated and signed, MMTool breaks that signature but there is a workaround (see step 5 and 6).
Start from an official BIOS or modded BIOS (with updated OROM and/or CPU microcode)

1-Add RB Module
Rename BIOS R5E.rom extension
Open R5E.rom with MMTool v5.02.0025
Find the PciBus module (Volume 02 Index A1)
Browse to ReBarDxe.ffs and click Insert
Wait and it should be added at the end of Volume 02 (Index 188)
Save image as R5E_RB.rom
Ignore the unsigned error (will be fixed later, if no error skip step 5 and 6)
Close MMTool

Use UEFIPatch v0.28.0
Prompt> UEFIPatch.exe R5E_RB.rom
It creates R5E_RB.rom.patched
Patch PciBus and NvramSmiDxe are applied (remember it for next step)

3-Extract Patch Modules
Rename BIOS to R5E_RB_Patched.rom
Open R5E_RB_Patched.rom with MMTool v5.02.0025
Extract NvramSmiDxe.ffs (Volume 02 Index 85)
Extract PciBus.ffs (Volume 02 Index A1)
Close MMTool

4-Add Patched Modules to Unpatched Bios
Open R5E_RB.rom with MMTool v5.02.0025
Replace NvramSmiDxe module (Volume 02 Index 85) with NvramSmiDxe.ffs
Replace PciBus module (Volume 02 Index A1) with PciBus.ffs
Save image as R5E_RB_PatchedFixed_Unsigned.rom
Ignore the unsinged error (will be fixed at the next step)
Close MMTool

5-Signed Bios Step 1 - Extract Boby from Capsule
Open R5E_RB_PatchedFixed_Unsigned.rom with UEFITool NE alpha 68
Right click AMI Aptio Capsule and choose extract body
It will save the file Capsule_Aptio_unsigned_AMI_Aptio_capsule_body.rom
Close UEFITool

6-Signed Bios Step 2 - Copy Body to signed Capsule
With a Hex Editor (e.g. HxD) open Capsule_Aptio_unsigned_AMI_Aptio_capsule_body.rom
Copy all its content (Ctrl+A then Clrl+C)
Open R5E.rom in an other window of the Hex Editor
Select from 800h to the end (cursor at the beginning of 800h then go to the end, then press shift and click at the very end) then pasted the body (Ctrl+V)
Save as R5E_RB_PatchedFixed_Signed.rom
Close HxD

7-Check with UEFITool
Open R5E_RB_PatchedFixed_Signed.rom with UEFITool v0.28.0
Check that the Capsule is signed (Subtype Aptio signed)
Check that ReBarDxe is present (search for text ReBarDxe)
Close UEFITool

Rename the BIOS to R5E.CAP before the USB Flashback procedure. Modded BIOS can only be flashed using this method. Check the hash of the file on the USB and make sure it was not corrupted during the copy.

Make sure in BIOS setting are set properly: Launch CSM Disabled , Secure Boot On , Above 4G Decode Enable.

Windows 64bit OS should run in UEFI Mode (Boot from GPT), Graphic card BIOS and Driver should be compatible or patched with ReBar.

Use ReBarState.exe in admin mode to activate ReBar, then reboot and check with GPU-Z.
In most cases you should be able to use 32 (unlimited) without issues but you might need to use a smaller BAR size if 32 doesn’t work. The maximum allowed BAR size is equal to 2^n so 13 = 8GB, 14 = 16GB, etc.

LOL, I knew there was a whole lot going on here then just what I was doing, yup, figured as much.

Thank you very much, I will try this asap in a bit, will give results back later, thanks.

One more quick question, how much performance gain did you get? about 10%-15%?

When you all get a chance, please visit my Extreme 4-Way Sli thread, been doing it for well over 4+ years with great results.

Link to my thread:

Everything up and until the flashback procedure was a success, once I tried to flash the bios through flashback, blinks several times then quits, I tried this under both Fat16 & Fat32 (Convert mbr & create part primary size=4000).

I have tried other bios mods and that goes through, but this particular bios mod won’t even begin flashing.


I tried a modded bios for my motherboard that was on this site, flashing was successful, I tried ReBarState.exe, that worked, set my variable, after restarting the system, checked under GPU-z, ReBar still says disabled, I then checked under device manager to see if any large memory was present, there was none, and yes, CSM was completely disabled, Secure boot was on (UEFI) & above 4gb decoding was also enabled, thanks.


I checked under GPU-z again, under Resizable Bar:

This is what it says on my own end:

Resizable BAR enabled in bios: Unsupported GPU

Graphics Driver Support: Unsupported GPU

PCI-Express BAR Sizes: Unsupported GPU

All others says yes, using a Titan V, graphic drivers: 551.61.


Ok, I got the bios flashed successfully, the one I did on my own, upon using ReBarState.exe, I can not set any variable, even using NvStrapsReBar, upon saving, says: Access is denied.

Quick question:

NvStrapsReBar.ffs, do you inject this in the same location as with ReBarDxe.ffs? (Pcibus / Volume 02 - Index A1) cause I already did that, bios flashed successfully but no ReBar variables can be set as well as access denied upon saving while using NvStrapsReBar.exe.

Also, do I need to re-install windows in order for the ReSizable Bar to work properly? Thanks

You need to use NvStrapsRebar module (inserts into same place as ReBarUEFI) with UEFIPatch using patches.txt from RebarUEFI.

It contains a patch to fix Access Denied error.

Just follow the whole ReBarUEFI guide but for the first step instead of using ReBarDxe.ffs use NvStrapsRebar.ffs.

ASUS boards have same quirks around them you have to follow or you lose OC ability btw. MMTool method creates unusable bios, UEFITool OC issue. · Issue #98 · xCuri0/ReBarUEFI · GitHub

I can’t provide any support for NvStrapsRebar btw because not the developer of it never even used it.

I did earlier, and flash was successful, however, upon using Either ReBarState.exe or NvStrapsReBar.exe, non of them work, still access is denied.

Let me try it all over, does not take me long to do it, and yes, I did notice some very slight performance decrease on the cpu, after I did the flash, mainly on the benchmarks, for instance, Cinebench R15 (Old version), my score is very slightly off then it should.

I don’t have to use DSDT patching do I?

Also, when I was checking the pad parameter to see if it looked ok, there was no pad-file, just says RAW, the only Pad-file that I can find was under: 196CA3D8-9A5A-4735-B328-8FFC1D93D188, underneath that, there is a pad-file, then the only thing below that was: 17088572-377F-44EF-8F4E-B09FFF46A070. (Subtype - RAW)


I checked the Pad-File from the factory bios image and to the one that was patched, both looked exactly the same.

Also, within UEFItool, I was looking for PciHostBridge, no such thing, there was PciRootBridge however.


I just got done trying what you have recommened, to use the NvStrapsReBar module and then patch up the image file, flash went fine, but soon as I got into windows, still access denied.

I got a Titan V, you think it should work?

@FernandosBugBear no one has tested Volta GPUs yet so idk if it will work, you can be the first to try.

You probably did the patch incorrectly because it should fix Access Denied error. There is a patch for NvramSmi in the ReBarUEFI patches.txt that gets applied by UEFIPatch.

Whaow,! You went all-in with this 4-Way SLI stuff. Back in the days in did 2 setups with 3-Way Crossfire (Trifire) and a 2-Way SLI setup, it was a lot of work. I cannot even imagine 4-Way SLI!!

For you BIOS issues, I will read the NvStrapsReBar page and try to build the BIOS. They are several Patch.txt files, are you sure you use the correct one, I should patch al least 2 modules that you can see in the log.

Edit; also are you sure your GPUs have a UEFI ReBar BIOS? Even my 3090 had to be flashed with an updated RB Bios. You should try all this stuff with only 1 GPU inserted .

The Titan V system only has one gpu installed, again, these Titan V/Volta gpu’s, natively, ReBar isn’t even supported to begin with, I just wanted to see if I could get it working after doing some Frame Generation mods, and frame gen, for the most part, on the Titan V, works great, lots of tinkering around, I also have an off topic Titan V on my Extreme 4-Way sli thread, have a gander one time.

I read the NvStrapsReBar page and it is only for Turing GPUs, it is unlikely going to work with Volta. Do you have a Turing GPU lying around to test it. When I get a chance I will build the BIOS with NvStrapsReBar module.