[OFFER] ASUS Z97-A updated BIOS

Will this works on a z97 deluxe?

@KraZy_SkitZy :
Although Z97-DELUXE is a very similar model, it still is a different model, so I don’t recommend cross-flashing.

What are the odds of someone making a compatible mod? I would greatly appreciate it, seems like motherboard manufacturers abanodon motherboards earlier an earlier every gen.

Hello, new member on this forum, I’m running bios 3503 from asus manufacturer my motherboard is “asus z97a” and I am having problems with Intel ME engine (unable to update firmware) and MEI device error 10 in device manager, in my bios ME is “N/A” ?. My question : is new bios solves this problems as describe ? Thanks a lot for your help.