[Offer] Mod MSI Z87 MPOWER BIOS v1.B


E7818IMS.1B0.zip (5.91 MB)

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“[OFFER] (MS-7818) MSI Z87 MPOWER v1.B0. 306C3 & micro;CU 0x25, IRST 14”

Hello. I have a question, if someone could help me. I own MSI Z87 MPOWER (MS_7818). Has anyone tried to custom BIOS for bootloading from PCIe? Thank you in advance.

Boot from specific boot rom/device or NVMe boot on a PCIe M.2 adapter?

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This is an “Offer” and not a “Request” thread. It has been started in July 2018, the offered BIOS doesn’t support booting off an NVMe SSD.
If you don’t want or should not be able to modify the BIOS your own (>here< is the related Guide), you should start a new thread within the “BIOS Modding Requests” Forum Category.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)