[Offer] MSI B85-G43 BIOS v3.10 mod with NVMe Support


I upload a bios for MSI B85-G43 whit nvme. 100% works fine.



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Thank you for your contribution it works perfectly, are you the modder ?
For information, you need first to upgrade the bios to version 3.10 (E7816IMS.3A0) then choose to boot from a bios located on a USB (E7816IMS.bin) to avoid mapping warnings.

Do you know if we are able to force a permanent upgrade of the bios to the modded one E7816IMS.bin ?

@ypapouin - Sounds odd, maybe you flashed it wrong? Both BIOS in his package are same version. Rename the modified .bin BIOS to stock name.extension (E7816IMS.3A0) and flash with M-Flash from USB
When you do this, you are not booting to BIOS on USB, you are flashing it in, then you are done, remove USB, enter BIOS, load optimal defaults and away you go


I made this file bios for my motherboard and work good. writ the steps when you flash bios with my file.

What BIOS rev is this based on?

EDIT: Looking at the BIOS release notes, it looks like this is the BIOS for a B85-G43 which is different than the BIOS for a B85M-G43. If you have a B85M-G43 why did you use a B85-G43 BIOS?

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@Lars - Probably some typo above, you need to use the correct BIOS per your model.

I followed the instructions, modified the latest BIOS for my B85M-G43 to add NVMe boot drive. used M-Flash to flash the BIOS and ME and installed Windows 10. My MB now boots on the NVMe drive!!!

Hello my friend, I know this is an old tread but I want to ask you, what was the motherboard that you add this modified bios?

Re-checked the linked files and corrected the post offer.
It’s for the B85-G43 (MS-7816)
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I followed the instructions, modified the latest BIOS for my B85M-G43 to add NVMe boot drive. used M-Flash to flash the BIOS and ME and installed Windows 10. My MB now boots on the NVMe drive!!!

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What instructions? You mean the txt file inside the .zip ???

As I stated my MB is a B85M-G43 which doesn’t match the original post heading. This was three years ago, I don’t know why I posted under this heading. My kid uses this PC to play games and it is still working fine with no issues. I use a PCIe x4 adapter card to hold the 1TB M.2 PCIe card.

And inside the BIOS you see your drive, as your see your other SATA drives?

There’s nothing here for you if your MB is the MS-7823
Start working yourself and like so many other users, follow the guide on the forum.

This is also explained in the guide…

I did not talked to you my friend! I suggest that you should start work with your self ASAP! I am talking to @Lars not to you! And who said to you that my MOBO is MS-7823 ??? What are you talking about? @Lars trys to help me … because we have the same MOBO !!!

This was three years ago. All I remember is that I read the instructions, this requires some expertise and investigation on your part.At that time, I was not able to find anyone that had modified the BIOS on my MB so it was unclear if it would work. I was careful, and aware that there was a chance I would brick the MB. After The BIOS modification it didn’t seem like anything changed. There were no new options that were visible in the BIOS setup screen. There is no visible indications in the BIOS that there is a PCIe drive present, but if you do a bare metal install of windows 10, windows will see the drive. The boot in the BIOS has to be set to UEFI. That is all I remember.

Thank you my friend. I understand. I know that you if modify a MOBO, it may brick the mobo down. But it worked for you back then because actually B85M and B85 have the same chipset. Actually they are the same mobos, but B85 is bigger with more ports !!! Anyway thank you for your help and your answer!

good luck

Sorry MeatWar, I replied to you by accident.

@Lars No problem my friend, and thank you for adding more info on your experience, even on a different mb model from the thread (…now fixed!)

@strogylos And you… stay around and enjoy the knowledge.