Old Asus X55C - I replaced CPU but threre is no "Turbo Boost" setting in BIOS: Will "unlocking" unhide this setting?


I have old Asus X55C laptop (chipset HM76) that had i3-2328M that doesn’t have Turbo Boost.
I replaced it with i7-3540M which has Turbo Boost, but BIOS doesn’t have setting for that (to disable or enable Turbo Boost).

I have the latest Bios version 409: (as a new user I cannot post link)

I’m completely new to “modding”, but if I understand well - if I “unlock” BIOS on that laptop, then I should be able to disable or enable Turbo Boost, right?

Or maybe even after “unlocking” there is no guarantee that “Turbo Boost” setting will become available in BIOS (maybe it’s not hidden setting but it’s just not there at all)?