Optiplex 7010 BIOS Flash 280 Error

I’m trying to update the BIOS to allow NVME boot support from a PCI-e slot. I’ve been following the advice at https://www.tachytelic.net/2021/12/dell-optiplex-7010-pcie-nvme/ but ran into problems when writing the BIOS back. Specifically Error 280 that the BIOS lock bit is set. I’ve read through some topics related to this, but not specifically related to the Dell Optiplex 7010, so I’m asking for help here. I did put the machine in service mode, which I thought would allow writing, but apparently there is a lock bit set in the BIOS that ignores service mode. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

The service jumper is related to that error, because it unlocks the acess to bios regions, same symptom as FD locked so it gives the 280 error.
You sure you got it right?
Shutdown the system and drain it, unplug AC for 15m, then try again.

Thanks for asking, but yes I believe I’ve got it right. But still, I took the PC off power overnight and ran it again 17 hours later. As you can see below, I had already taken the password reset jumper and put in on the service mode pins.

I have more pictures to share, but since I’m new, it only allows one picture per post. So, I’ll make a few posts to show the rest of the pictures.

When it boots it notifies me:

When I run the flash, this is the message:

Any thoughts as to what to try next? Thank you.

This never showed?

For this method (FPT) no i don’t, the jumper work or not.
Working on latest A29 or earlier version?
Try another spare jumper or manually short it, and put back to initial position the PASS jumper… who know, maybe your "board’ doesn’t like to take it out or you don’t have a steady closed Service mode jumper.
If no luck at all, all that remains is SPI programmer…
I’m sure that by now, you know what all this means after reading the previous linked thread.

You’re doing it wrong, those are RTC and PSW, the Service jumper in below the pcie
You have the MT version if i’m not mistaken, the MT shows a label near the 2 pins:

Good luck.

Problem solved. Your help was GREATLY appreciated. The issue was completely my fault. I didn’t look carefully at the picture shown from tachytelic.net. Below, you will see the picture with some extra markings in yellow that are mine. He cut off half the words Service Mode and I didn’t see it. I thought it was the same as the RTCRST jumper, because I was only looking at the top of his orange arrow. Additionally, the PCI-e NVME card was in the black slot on the motherboard, so that jumper was hidden from my sight. After pulling the card and putting the jumper at the correct location I was able to flash the BIOS.

I will note that Windows would start to boot, but then stopped and restarted the boot again. We are just going to reinstall Windows. The good news is that we CAN reinstall Windows from the NVME drive. It works!

service mode

Those small details…good luck.