OverPowered TONGFANG CyberPower Machrevo MACHENIKE - Unlocked BIOS Guide W/ Files

@Lost_N_BIOS ,

Really appreciate your detailed guide for bios modding !
this is the one I’m following for my Aorus 15p (11800H, 32G Ram, 3080m 16G vRAM) bios mod. Sorry I can’t post links yet but just put the subject of the page you published.

I’ve disabled the bios write protection, dumped the bios and successfully re-flashed it back to confirm it’s working.
found the visible and hidden menus of the bios and created “menu.txt”.
the problem I have is I can’t find the “short list” of the hidden menu. I did find 1 section of all menus, 1 section of hidden menus and another 1 section of hidden menus.

shall I just fill the two hidden menu sections with 00?

thanks !

Lost hasnt logged in since January.
Better search for similar unlocks on the forum

thanks for letting me know. I did read quite some posts in the forum and that’s the only one showing how to do the mod end to end by our own…
see if @BDMaster could help on this…

@metalzhao :
Since your question belongs to the topic of this thread, I have merged them both.

Hello buddy, does this blogger send the BIOS file you need? I’m in the same situation as you, if you’re already using this BIOS, please send it to me.

hello,@Lost_N_BIOS ,i have the same question with @emketubuxin ,so i hope you can hlep me?did u solve his problem?if answeal is yes,plz,hlep me.TY.

I guess he didn’t.

ok,its a bad news.

I’m no expert and have big problem.
I have illegear onyx GK5CN6Z, i7 8750h and 1060 qmax.
From them I can’t get any help.
In pictures you can see ME, than something happend and it disappeared, no bios from Illegear,
than I found from xmg, and got new bios but still no me.
Can anyone help what can I do, can it be home repaired, and advanced menus in bios would be big plus,

Thank you



I can put only one picture so I pasted latest.

You can try this guide: [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization as it seems to be applicable, no bios update will ever resolve this as the ME FW image always stays corrupted.

Thank you.
This version was before:

Here is a dump of my Tongfang GM5TG7W; I have gotten to the point of dumping the BIOS but have been unable to go through the hoops of unlocking it because of both school and work. 32 MB file on MEGA

Is it at all possible to unlock this bios?

Hi, I just wonder that is it possible to unlock intel nuc x15 model?

Hello, I sent you a message last year, my friend @Beekeeper passed away, I recovered his laptop on which he wanted to put the Custom bios, but I think he made a mistake because the bios did not work anymore, I’m going to recommend a chip and change it, and I would like to have the original bios and the custom (the link is broken).
I will try to repair it because for the moment the laptop is usable.

Well, the user Lost_N_Bios…may also had pass away or moved on, since we dont hear from him since January 2021, his links are not recoverable.

It is dead, that’s why I ask if Lost_N_Bios does not have the backup of the original bios

my notebook is machenike f117-v ,I tried to follow your steps but the search results are not the same, can you help me?


I’ve managed to unlock my bios on laptop, Asus FX505GM.

There was no Bootguard or BIOS Lock on this model.

I’ve skipped the " 9. Now, lets find the short block list and it’s location." as I didn’t find any of these list of bytes.

Here’s what I’ve modified inside the Section_PE32_image_AMITSE_AMITSE.sct
(see image above)

Then Replace As Is, AMIBCP, flash, as in guide. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link with the DUMP, mod, and a lot of other useful information about this BIOS, outputs from FPT, HwInfo, sct files, MEAnalizer, MEInfo, etc.
Do not flash these on your laptop! If you got exactly the same BIOS, on FX505GM model, 307, you might use ONLY Section_PE32_image_AMITSE_AMITSE.sct to replace yours then open everything using AMIBCP and do as in the guide.