P55-GD65 Raid Trim Mod


First of all sorry for my bad English, and I want to have a little help with the mod of my P55-GD65.

I have read some guides in this site and followed some of them, but seems that I’m doing something wrong. I’m listing the steps I have done so far:

1 - Downloaded the original BIOS for my motherboard in the manufacturer site;
2 - Downloaded the modded OROM module >>here<<.
3 - Split the BIOS using HxD to allow MMtool editing;
4 - Edited the bios replacing the OROM module in MMtool;
5 - Reinserted the moded code in the original BIOS;
6 - Created o bootable Flash drive with the MSIHQ tool;
7 - Flashed the modded BIOS in the motherboard with success.

In this point is the problem. The motherboard boots, I can enter in the setup, but when it tries to start the system looks like the RAID module is not loaded, appears only a blinking cursor in the left and nothing more. If I configure the system to don’t use RAID, the system starts with a single HDD, but if I activate the RAID mode to use my volume the motherboard get stuck in the point where normally appeared the screen with the “Ctrl+I” configuration.

I suspect that I have downloaded the wrong OROM module for my MOBO. The information in the download page with all the modules are very confusing to me, there are too many modules, and the information that various of them are for series 5 and above. I have downloaded these two in the code, they are from the B section of that thread.

>Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v13.2.0.2134< (>MIRROR<) Thanks to lordkag for the source file.
Here is a slightly modified variant of this Intel RAID ROM module:
>"Universally TRIM modified" Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v13.2.0.2134 with TRIM in RAID0 support (checksum corrected)< (>MIRROR<)
Note: This modded OROM is designed for DEV_2822/282a Intel RAID Controllers. For details look >here<. Credits go to CPL0 aka Dufus for having developed this special OROM modification.

If these files are incompatible with my mobo, can someone point me to the more recommended one? But, if they are compatible, what am I doing wrong in the process of mod and flash?

Thanks you in advance.

@ blackdragonbird:
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It seems, that you have done the BIOS modification correctly, but why did you insert the newest Intel RAID ROM v13.2.0.2134, which has been primarily designed for Intel 9-Series chipsets, into your old P55 system?
The latest Intel RAID ROM you may try is the v12.9.0.2006, but if I were you, I would insert the v11.2.0.1527.

Your report indicates, that you have not a RAID0, but a RAID1 array.
If I am right with my conclusion, why didn’t you try to insert an original (not modded) Intel RAID ROM module? The TRIM modded Intel RAID ROM modules I am offering do not support TRIM in RAID1, but just TRIM in RAID0 arrays.


Hi fernando,

Thanks for the info. Like I said, the information in the download thread are a little confusing to me. But you did exactly what I needed, pointed the correct OROM for my motherboard. But I need to ask, why the older 11.x version is better than the v12.x? And I need to use the corresponding v11.x RST driver to get better performance or I can use the last v13.x?

Sorry for wrong information. I have a RAID0 volume AND a single HDD with another windows install that I use if for some reason I break my windows installation and no recover method works.

The Intel RST RAID ROM/driver combo v11.2.0.1527/v11.2.0.1006 gives the absolutely best RAID0 performance.
Just put a look onto my benchmark comparison test results I have published >here<-

You will get the best resuts (regarding stability and performance), if you use an Intel RST driver version, which belongs to the same development branch as the OROM module (here: v11.2.x.xxxx).

Got the motherboard working with the OROM, but the trim seems to be not working. I’m with the 13.2 RTS drivers.

Going to check with another drivers and trying to integrated a newer v11 OROM later.

Thanks for the informations.