I’ve just joined this forum. I hope someone can help me out.
I recently upgraded my old PC (P5K WS) with 4x SSD and put them in RAID0. However I get really slow write speed, around 100 MB/s compared to about 600 MB/s read speed.
Motherboard: P5K WS, CPU: E5450, OS Win10x64.
Now i cant figure out where is problem, maybe problem is with Win10 driver (Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller v13.2.0.1022)?
Thanks in advance.

@jang :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

Please read the start post of >this< thread, follow my advices and re-run a benchmark tool.
Good luck!

Dieter (alias Fernando)

folowed advices:
1. cant update.
2. no bios settings to optimize
3. started with new ssds
4.RST doesnt work for me at all. stripe size already 128KB.
5. Have fresh installation.
6. nothing to change here
7. nothing to change here
8. Enabled - changed this one.
9. RST makes windows not to boot anymore.
10. optimized
11. nothing to change here
12 Bin empty, c) trigered

Changed only 8 ,10 and 12. Sadly no improvements… :frowning: This means i cant do anything about it?

Which Intel RST/RST(e) Drivers & Software Set version did you try to install?
Did you activate the “Windows Feature” .NET Framework v3.5 from within the Control Panel and reboot, before you tried to install the Intel RST Software? This is required, otherwise the RST Software doesn’t work.

Both 3.5 & 4.6 features already enabled.
I used latest, driver from Intel homepage.
When I install that, after restart windows doesn’t boot anymore, gets stuck in loading screen. Only option then is to reinstall windows.

That was a big mistake, because the latest Intel RST(e) v14 and v15 platform RAID drivers are installable onto old Intel Chipset systems, but they do not support them.
My tip: Install either the Intel RST(e) Drivers & Software Set v11.7.4.1001 WHQL or the v13.2.8.1002 WHQL one.

Any tip, how to recover if the driver doesn’t work after all and i cant boot anymore? Getin tired of reinstalling the windows…

No problem: Create a restore point, before you run the installer of the Intel RST Drivers & Software Set.
If anything should fail or if you are not satisfied with the result, simply restore your previous configuration.

OK, installed.
Could change only one option, and now it looks like this:

@jang :
Yes, this is the setting, which will boost your WRITE scores.
Which Intel Drivers & Software version did you install?

Now I got Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller
Restarted PC but don’t see any improvements on the contrary seems to be slower write and read.

That is hard to believe.
Which benchmark tool are you using? I recommend to take Anvil’s Storage Utilities.
If you are still unsatisfied, try the other Intel RST(e) Drivers & Software Set v13.2.8.1002 WHQL, but don’t forget to uninstall the currently used Intel RST Software from within the Contro Panel and to reboot before you install the other Set.