P8 Z77-M NVME Adaptor ,Bios mod

HI , I need help with bios , I done all the requirement for the have the NVME PCIe adaptor working on the bios , and in the end got the error,security verification failed asus bios, the bios is P8Z77-M 2203

The error is correct, Asus security doesn’t allow flashing modified bios files.
Read the guide, concerning the MOD flash, its all there.

EDIT: This model has USB BFB, this is the easiest method for flashing mods, perform a backup before any mod flash for safe operations if anything fails.

EDIT: Well… that’s not true my friend, in this case your lying or you cant explain yourself correctly, the ASUS USB BFB operation doesn’t display any information to the user as its a “blind” procedure without powering on the system, so you may want to correct your statement.

USB bios flashback

HI , Thanks very much for the quick replay , I try the USB BFB , and gone through the MOD flash , again did not work , security verification failure , any way can remove the security verification ?

I tried the UEFItool , the insertion is gray ( not active ) , will send photos soon

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