please help getting flash image tool error 179

tryng to clean ME for the dump Dell XPS 9500 LA-j191p
when open bios i am getting error massages
Error 179: [Fit Actions] Failed to parse CSE region.
Error 10: [Ifwi Actions] Failed to decompose Region. Failed to decompose CSE data.
Error 18: [Ifwi Actions] Failed to generate decomposed files. CSE Region
Error 18: [Ifwi Actions] Failed to generate decomposed files.
Error 9: Failed to decompose Image.
Unable to open file: C:\Users\4MATIC\Desktop\BIOS\XPS 15 9500\xps9500 la-j191p.BIN. Reverting to default configuration.

me info.jpg

flash image tool error .jpg

you can refer to [HELP]7090MFF active intel AMT(Vpro) intel FIT error - #6 by lfb6

Old thread and won’t work for ME 14 since no FITC partition for settings

Did u find solution of this problem. I have same problem. i try other bios for this model and also can’t clean. I try few FIT version and Windows 7 and Windows 10 and same problem… i can’t find solution in google for this

Too little information and to hasn’t been online since 04/21