[Problem] Win7 install with x570 Chipset+Ryzen 5000 Ser. CPU


i was wondering if anyone could give me a motherboard recommendation for a x570 ( or b550) that is compatible with windows 7 and ryzen 5000 series.

a bit of backstory, my current pc is windows 7 on a ryzen 3800x running on a asrock x470 taichi ultimate which other than the occasional "bad_pool_call" from the modified usb drivers is stable and fully functional ( i have heard that a slightly newer usb driver version can fix the random BSOD’s but they happen rarely enough that im not worried about it).

i decided to upgrade my machine to the ryzen 5000 series when i heard that the memory controller was unchanged from 3000 series and decided to buy a new x570 motherboard at the same time as my pcie lanes are fully saturated and i wanted pcie gen 4 to relieve a potential bottle neck from my NVIDIA 3000 series GPU running in pcie gen 3 x8 mode. i purchased the the asrock x570 creator motherboard as it is the iterative successor to my current board with the same feature set and i hoped this would allow me to drop in my windows install with minimum hassle.

unfortunately i was not aware that the ACPI issues that were preventing ryzen 3000G series from running windows 7 also appears to be present in many x570/b550 motherboards with non G series cpu’s and sadly my asrock x570 creator motherboard turned out to be one of them, despite it having CSM i could not get windows 7 to boot no matter what, constantly running into the A5 bosd "it appears your bios isnt fully acpi compliant" i tried every bios from launch to the newest beta bios with and without all csm settings enabled, with both secure boot on and off and i even tried disabling all non-core motherboard options like lan and audio but nothing would work, and this was with my old ryzen 3800x and not the new ryzen 5000 series as the 5800x i ordered hasnt arrived yet, so while the asrock x570 creator motherboard does have a CSM on it, it appears to be only designed to support windows 8 and not windows 7.

so i sadly had to return my asrock x570 creator motherboard back as i could not get past the bios and now im sitting here waiting for a cpu to arrive without a motherboard to put it into.

asrock has not released a bios update for the x470 taichi ultimate since july 2020 so the AGESA and later are not available yet and even if it was i probably would not install it at this point because AMD has stated the ryzen 5000 series updates for x470 cant be rolled back and after working with the asrock x570 creator motherboard i do not trust asrock not to brick my x470 taichi ultimate with the ryzen 5000 series AGESA update because i have read about some x570 motherboards that worked with windows 7 on release bios’s becoming ACPI non-compliant after updating their bios and since asrock never "officially supported" windows 7 on the x470 platform i wouldnt put it past them to either intentionally break windows 7 support to force users to upgrade or simply not care if they break windows 7 ACPI compliance accidentally with the ryzen 5000 series AGESA update once its released.

so long story short i need help finding a windows 7 compatible x570 or b550 motherboard that works with the new ryzen 5000 series CPU’s

features i need/want in a motherboard are as follow’s

1x m.2 22110 NVME slot (needed)
1x m.2 2280 SATA slot (wanted)
4x SATA ports (needed) 6x or more SATA ports (wanted)
PS/2 port (strongly wanted but could do without if all other requirements are filled)
2.5Gb LAN port with windows 7 driver (strongly wanted) 10Gb LAN port with windows 7 driver (wanted)
Good VRM Design (strongly wanted as i want to be able to upgrade to the ryzen 5950x without degrading the motherboards lifespan)
AGESA or later bios version that is windows 7 fully ACPI compliant (needed)

so if anyone has, knows, or thinks that a certain x570/b550 motherboard fits these requirements please let me know so i can purchase and test it.

i know canonkong is suppose to have a way around the ACPI compliance but im not really comfortable modifying my windows 7 OS at the HAL level and will only do so if all x570/b550 boards available are rendered windows 7 non-ACPI compliant with the new AGESA and later updates.

once im up and running with my new motherboard & cpu combination i will post a summarization of this thread in canonkong’s pinned mega thread in order to help other’s in the future ( i would have posted this in there to start with but that thread is already very long and i did not want to risk this post getting lost or buried).

thank you for taking the time to read my very long post and i look forward to your replies.

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try this update package some users made -


nevermind, this doesn’t have @canonkong patched ACPI driver so this won’t help.

thank you for your reply and i will check it out but i am trying to avoid having to modify my windows 7 installation to make it work so im hoping to compile a list of windows 7 ACPI compliant x570/b550 motherboards so that users can purchase and upgrade their systems without having to resort to modifying their windows installation.

It’s likely you’ll need the patched ACPI driver for the newer x570 chipset.

I’ll be very surprised if you find one that works without the patch.

well i dont know about with the newest AGESA code (which is why i created this thread) but i do know that some x570/b550 motherboards with release bios’s have worked with ryzen 3000 series cpu’s on windows 7.

this youtube video is one such example (but i have no idea if this board a5 BOSD’s with the new AGESA code)

ASRock x570 / b550 motherboard BIOS does not support win7 ACPI, need to use the modified acpi.sys. It is recommended that users who use x570 / b550 motherboard to install win7 buy ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI motherboard.

hi @canonkong since i have already returned the motherboard is there a x570/b550 motherboard you would recommend that does support win7 ACPI?

I’m on a ASUS CH7 and the newest AGESA breaks Windows 7 ACPI compatibility with Zen 2, and your ACPI patch doesn’t work.

I’m on a ASUS CH7 and the newest AGESA breaks Windows 7 ACPI compatibility with Zen 2, and your ACPI patch doesn’t work.

BIOS version 4001 beta(AGESA ComboV2
Dose 4001 beta support only Ryzen 5000?
As far as I know, Windows 7 will work on Systems with most ASUS X570/B550 motherboards(AGESA ComboV2 and ZEN2 CPUs.

i think any bios after AGESA works with ryzen 5000

ok i been doing some motherboard research is right now im looking a buying and testing either the MSI X570 GODLIKE or the MSI Prestige X570 Creation. im leaning towards the X570 Creation as that seems to have a feature set more suited to my needed. does anyone know of any ACPI compliance issues with either of these motherboards? i would really prefer not to buy another motherboard just to have to return it again…

Some ASUS x470/b450 latest bios still not fix the problem,wait for the new agesa version.

Wait for new AGESA or wait for a non-Beta BIOS?

I’m on a ASUS CH7 and the newest AGESA breaks Windows 7 ACPI compatibility with Zen 2, and your ACPI patch doesn’t work.

BIOS version 4001 beta(AGESA ComboV2
Dose 4001 beta support only Ryzen 5000?
As far as I know, Windows 7 will work on Systems with most ASUS X570/B550 motherboards(AGESA ComboV2 and ZEN2 CPUs.
4001 with a 3950X causes 0x5A or whatever that ACPI BSoD is with canonkong’s modded acpi.sys

New agesa, have some bugs about usb and acpi.

Interesting, guess that’ll be some time next year or so.

I can sure that ASUS Gigabyte MSI X570/B550 can work on win7 and don’t need mod acpi.sys,because I had tested them before. I recommend buy a mainboard without WiFi card, also can buy the mainboard replace the WiFi card easily one. My Gigabytes X570 and B550 platforms all replace the WiFi card with 8260/8265AC,RTL8822CE,Killer 1535 which can work on win7.

thanks @canonkong i will buy the MSI X570 Prestige then. i know the onboard wifi is the intel ax200 so it wont work on windows 7 but i have always preferred wired network connections and i have already found official windows 7 drivers for the aquantia 10Gb NIC on the motherboard, if i need to i will buy a usb wifi adapter and use that

You can buy a 8265AC to replace the AX200,it about $5. Also you can turn it off in the BIOS.

Am i understand correctly that any msi, asus, gigabyte x570 board supporting csm are win7 compatible, except asrock boards?