Problem With Elitebook 830 G9 can't change Model Name in Bios!Help.!

The First this laptop Password Bios.i remove two Bios Windbond 256 ,i Flash n new data for 2 Bios but can’t unlock Password.Then i remove Chip I/O Nuvoton NPCX998HA0BX then Password now Unlock Ok,
But Model Orginal 830 G9 now update 455 G9.
I try Fix 2 Bios but can’t Change Model.
i need Mod file Manufacture .i can test again .

Working with “dont care” dumps and “dont care models” thats the result.
Original backups/dumps have info on module HP_MUD, retrieve, edit them and flash again.
Or search HP tools for it.

i edit Model name in Mud.But can’t change Model…i don’t know how?

PLs help me solution… thanks

hello, have you solved the bios problem yet?

yes sir

I have the same problem, can you help me?

can you give me a number on whatsapp Telegram Viber so I can contact you to talk?

I also want to fix the bios unlock issue

I beg you!

laptop Hp elitebook 830 G9

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